Awards in Urban Terror

Awards aren't very prominent in Urban Terror, but you can view them after a match is over by opening the menu (hit ⎋ Esc) and clicking on Stats.

Golden Scope Award
Highest accuracy with a scoped gun. (HK G36, HK PSG1, Remington SR8)
Golden Trigger Award
Highest accuracy with an automatic. (ZM LR300, HK G36, AK103 7.62mm, IMI Negev, Colt M4A1)
Dirty Harry Award
Most pistol kills (more than 20). (Colt 1911, Glock 18, Beretta 92G, IMI DE .50 AE)
The UnaBomber Award
Most grenade kills (above a certain threshold). (HE Grenade, HK69 40mm)
Needs a Bigger Tent
More than 5 kills with sniper in one spot (not moving xy axis).
Mr Magoo Award
Most team-damage done (not actual TKs) (above certain threshold).
Nobody Loves You
Player that got team-killed the most.
Wooden Spoon Award
Worst kill:death ratio.
The Terminator Award
Best kill:death ratio.
Defender of the Mushroom Kingdom
Player with the most curbstomps.
Trigger Happy Award
Most ammo used (indirect/missed) (above certain threshold).
The Neck Bones Connected To The
Most head shots (above 20 headshots).
Needs to Duck More
Player that was hit by the most headshots (above 20 times).
Worlds Worst Terrorist Award
Killing yourself or teammates after you have thrown a grenade (above certain threshold).
Touch Of Death Award
Most kills in one death (more than 5 kills).

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