This is what you see if you are on the Red Team and have the Bomb

Blight vs Team Exile - Bomb Mode Finals Part 3

Blight vs Team Exile - Bomb Mode Finals Part 3

Bomb Mode Gameplay

Bomb, sometimes called Bomb Mode, is a style of game in Urban Terror, based off of the Team Survivor format.

Game Description Edit

Bomb mode is very much like Team Survivor in which the games are played in rounds. There are two teams, Red and Blue. Red team has what is known as the bomb , and they have two targets, one red and one black, to place the bomb at. The goal of the blue team is to stop the bomb from being placed or defuse it before it explodes. Only the red team may carry the bomb. The round ends when any of the following conditions are met:

  • The red team is dead and the bomb isn't planted.
  • The blue team is dead.
  • The blue team defuses the bomb.

All members of the Red team can be dead and still win if the bomb detonates. Usually, one game of Bomb Mode is played in two rounds, with each team being both Red and Blue at least once.

Game Rules Edit


This is the screen when you have died in a round and are now haunting a person.

Only Red may pick up and carry the bomb, and the bomb can only be placed at one of two points on the map, one red and one black. Players may drop the bomb and have other members of the team pick it up. The Blue team is the only team who can defuse the bomb, and it takes time to defuse the bomb, leaving the player open to attack from the member of the other team. Just like Survivor, if you kill all members of the other team, the opposing team wins. If no members of your team is killed and you win, you get the "flawless" denomination.

Special Denominations Edit

Since you can only place a bomb at the red or black target, if a custom created map doesn't have these two checkpoints, the game of Bomb cannot technically continue, however, you can play Bomb Mode as Team Survivor anyway. Many Bomb servers have server voting, so maps are cycled constantly with the choices of the players.