Every player has boots pre-equipped with them. It is not a selectable weapon; it is activated by executing special maneuvers.


For kicking (admin task), see Ban and Administration.

Kicking is activated by jumping at another player while holding specific weapons. The steps are as follows:

  1. Make sure you are holding Knife, Grenades, or a Sidearm/Pistol.
  2. Hold forward (default W) and sprint (defalt E), or if you have a speed-toggle set up, toggle to sprinting mode.
  3. Approach another player and jump, doing your best to time the maximum height of your jump with the moment you collide with the other player—this doesn't have to be exact to work.

If done correctly, the other player is knocked back and takes 20% damage. Since it takes 5 kicks to kill a player at 100% health, it is generally not used except as a last resort when ammunition is exhausted.

In versions prior to 4.2, when two players attempted to kick and the same time, the game would always favor one or the other. In versions after 4.2, it is possible for to players to kick each other at the same time.

Kicking causes knockback, forcing any player you kick away from you. This is useful for kicking enemy players off of ledges, and for kicking friendly players out of your way (for example if they are blocking a door).

The force of a kick (and anything else causing knockback) is effected by the g_knockback CVar, which may be set higher or lower on any given server.

Curb StompEdit

Curb stomping and kicking urban terror superman map04:08

Curb stomping and kicking urban terror superman map

Curb-stomping is activated by falling onto the head of another player. You do not need to be holding Knife, Grenades, or Sidearm/Pistols to curb-stomp; it works while holding any weapon (or no weapon at all).

You must fall from a sufficient distance, such that you would be severely injured or killed by the fall if you hit the ground. If you fall from a sufficient height/at a sufficient speed, and land on the head of another player rather than the ground, you will execute a curb-stomp and be uninjured, while at the same time killing the other player instantly. You will also hear the kill-sound from Mario Bros. that plays when you stomp a Koopa Troopa.


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