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"Get The Cheaters!" Urban Terror GER-0

"Get The Cheaters!" Urban Terror GER-0

Cheating in Urban Terror covers anything from breaking server rules to using programmed hacks to get a higher score. While definitions of cheating may differ from server to server, cheating will get you booted or banned from a server. You may also be kicked out of a clan for cheating, and potentially banned from every Urban Terror server by the built-in Anti-cheat.

Breaking Server Rules Edit

Each server has a different set of rules. Whenever there is a moderator in the game, breaking these rules can get you kicked from the server. If you break the rules while there is no moderator present, other players may report you and you can be banned instead. Most servers have some form of the following rules:

  • No abusive language or comments.
  • Do not attempt to use RCon.
  • Do not impersonate clan members or admins.
  • Do not steal clan tags.
  • Do not recruit, advertise, or otherwise spam in chat.
  • Do not use hacks or otherwise cheat.
  • No excessive teamkilling.
  • No spawn camping/killing.

Aimbots and WallhacksEdit

An aimbot is a program which automatically aims at enemies when they are within line of sight. Some aimbots will only aim at enemies close enough to your crosshair, since this makes it harder for admins to detect. There are also aimbots that include autofire (triggerbot), and this means that the aimbot will also shoot for you. So whenever someone is visible for the hacker, he or she is instantly shot.

Wallhack r shownormals

Players shown behind walls with r_shownormals.

A wallhack is a program which makes enemies visible through walls. This allows the cheater to see enemies before they would normally be able to, and therefore the hacker is prepared when the enemy becomes visible. On servers with cheats activated, one can use either of the r_showtris or r_shownormals commands to get an effect like wallhacking. This can also be used when playing back demos to confirm a person is wallhacking.

Calling Cheats Edit

In general, don't ever call someone a cheater or call out hackers. This just tells them to be more careful so they won't get caught and banned. Because it is hard to tell if a player is using a bot or not, many clans and severs require you to upload a recording of them cheating, called a demo, and upload it on to the clan website. From there, the clan administrators will determine if the player is cheating or not.

So, if you suspect (or even know absolutely) that someone is cheating, say nothing and get a demo first. If you decide to say in chat, "Nice aimbot," or "<player> is hacking," you're only helping them to hide from the moderators and avoid a ban.