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For illegitimate cheats, see Cheating

Cheats built into the game are limited to map development mode (offline) and jump mode (non-competitive online play).

Map Development Mode CheatsEdit

There are some "cheat codes" for Urban Terror. These can be used in map development mode using

/devmap <mapname>

Once in map development, simply enter the cheat code in Console. Make sure sv_cheats is set too.

/give all
Gives all weapons & items. In Urban Terror 4.2, this cheat does not give you the added weapons. To get them, use /give MAC 11, /give Glock 18, and /give Colt 1911.
/give weapons
Gives all weapons. In Urban Terror 4.2, this cheat does not give you the added weapons. To get them, use /give MAC 11, /give Glock 18, and /give Colt 1911.
/give ammo
Gives maximum ammo. Note that this is not the same as having the Extra Ammo item; you will get 100 extra clips, not just 4.
/give <equipment name>
Gives the named weapon. Does not work with items (laser, goggles, medkit, etc.). Accepted names are as follows
/give health
Restores 100% health.
Enables god mode: player takes no damage. Use again to turn god mode off.
Allows player to walk through walls like in spectator mode.

Jump Mode CheatsEdit

In jump mode, on servers that allow it, players can use the following cheat commands. Player must be stationary for the command to work.

These commands are best bound to a key so you don't have to type them every time. For example:

bind x "save"
bind y "load"
bind z "regainstamina"
For a more comprehensive script to bind jump commands, see Config: Jump Mode
Resets the stamina meter to maximum
Saves the current position.
Loads saved position & regains stamina. This is the only command that works while moving.
/goto <player number>
Instantly teleports player to position of another player of their choice. This requires the target to allow goto. To find player numbers, enter /playerlist in Console.
Whether or not players are allowed to goto you. Use the command a second time to turn off. When entered, you will see either "Your personal goto has been turned on," or "Your personal goto has been turned off."
/toggle cg_ghost
When on, you can walk through other players (preventing them from blocking or disrupting your jumps). You will not be able to stand on other players' heads while cg_ghost is on. Also, keep in mind that while other players will not be able to block you, you can still block other players, so be courteous when jumping with others and wait for the path to be clear.

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