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A clan or guild is an organized group of players that regularly play together in particular (or various) multiplayer games. These games range from groups of a few friends to thousands of people, with a broad range of structures, goals and members. The lifespan of a clan also varies considerably, from a few weeks or months to decades. Numerous clans exist for nearly every online game available today, notably in first-person shooters (like Urban Terror), massively multiplayer games, role-playing video games, and strategy games.

Clans in First-person ShootersEdit

As the First-Person Shooter, or FPS, became increasingly popular, the idea of a competitive clan became widely accepted. Clans became teams, or elite clan members form teams to represent the clan in online battle. FPS clans normally host servers with rules that they like. For instance, if a group of gamers liked to use pistols only, they could join a clan that runs a pistols-only server and the clan would enforce the rules.

External LinksEdit

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