Binding KeysEdit

Urban Terror has default keys assigned when you install the game. These keys can be reassigned from the user interface by clicking on SetupControls or by modifying your config file. Alternatively, if you are in game and wish to change controls, simply hit the ⎋ Esc key and click the Controls option that appears.

Another method, for advanced users, is to pull down the Console and type in the command at the console prompt. For example, type /bind <x> "<command>" (<x> being any key you choose, and <command> being any command you choose).

Default Urban Terror ControlsEdit

Version 4.2



These are the default key binds for Urban Terror.


Controls Default Definition Command
Look Up Looks up +lookup
Look Down Looks down +lookdown
Mouse Look Activates ability to look 360 degrees with mouse. +mlook
Center View Centers your view. centerview
Zoom Weapon In Right Mouse Zooms in your scoped weapon. ut_zoomin
Zoom Weapon Out Zooms out your scoped weapon. ut_zoomout
Zoom Reset Middle Mouse Resets your weapon zoom. ut_zoomreset
Freelook ON Setting that enables/disables ability to look in 360 degrees with mouse. cl_freelook (0/1)
Minimap Toggle M Turns minimap on or off maptoggle (0/1)


Controls Default Definition Command
Always Run ON Forces player to always run. cl_run (0/1)
Run/Walk ⇧ Shift Toggles between run/walk when depressed. +speed
Walk Forward W Primary forward movement key. +forward
Backpedal S Primary backpedal movement key. +back
Strafe Left A Primary left movement key. +left
Strafe Right D Primary right movement key. +right
Up/Jump    Space Bar    Primary jumping/move up key. +moveup
Down/Crouch C Primary crouch/move down key. +movedown
Turn Left (optional) Turns player to left. +left
Turn Right (optional) Turns player to right. +right
Sidestep/Turn Turns player to the side.
Sprint E Makes player sprint (faster then running). +button8


Controls Default Definition Command
Attack Left Mouse Primary attack key +attack
Reload R Reloads current weapon. +button5
Weapon Fire Mode N Changes current firing mode +button3
Previous Weapon Mouse Wheel Down Cycles to previous weapon. weapprev
Next Weapon Mouse Wheel Up Cycles to next weapon. weapnext
Drop Weapon - or _ Drops current weapon. ut_weapdrop
Toggle Knife 1 Toggles to Knife ut_weaptoggle knife
Toggle Grenade 2 Toggles to Grenade ut_weaptoggle grenade
Toggle Sidearm 3 Toggles to Sidearm/pistol ut_weaptoggle sidearm
Toggle Secondary 4 Toggles to Secondary weapon ut_weaptoggle secondary
Toggle Primary 5 Toggles to Primary weapon ut_weaptoggle primary
Toggle Bomb 6 Toggles to Bomb (bomb mode) ut_weaptoggle bomb


Controls Default Definition Command
Show Console ~ or ` Opens the game Console. N/A
Show Scores Tab ↹ Displays the current scoreboard +scores
Bandage Q Bandages your wounds +button6
(def)use / Open Door ^ Ctrl Uses / opens objects in the world, such as doors or waypoint computers / defuse bomb in bomb mode +button7
Team Select Menu Opens the team selection interface ui_selectteam
Gear Select Menu Opens the weapon/item selection interface ui_selectgear
Next Item ] Cycles to the next item in your inventory ut_itemnext
Previous Item [ Cycles to the previous item in your inventory ut_itemprev
Drop Item = or + Drops current item ut_itemdrop
Use Item P Activates current item (turns on or off, example: laser sight) ut_itemuse
Sensitivity 1 Move the slider to the right to increase mouse sensitivity, to the left to decrease it. sensitivity (1-30)
Invert Mouse Y Axis OFF Inverts the vertical axis if your mouse (up becomes down, down becomes up) ui_mousepitch (0/1)
Smooth Mouse OFF Smooths mouse by averaging mouse input over a distance. m_filter(0/1)
Vote Yes F1 Votes yes in a vote. vote yes
Vote No F2 Votes no in a vote. vote no
Screenshot F11 Takes a screenshot and saves it to your Game path. screenshotjpg
Record Demo F12 Begins recording a demo. Push again to stop recording. recorddemo and stoprecord


Controls Default Definition Command
Chat T Enables you to chat with people on the server messagemode
Team Chat Y Sends your chat messages to only those on your team messagemode2
Target Chat Sends your chat messages to person under crosshairs messagemode3
Radio Menu U Opens the radio message interface ut_radio
Affirmative F3 Plays radio call "Affirmative" ut_radio 1 1
Negative F4 Plays radio call "Negative" ut_radio 1 2
I need a medic F5 Plays radio call "I need a medic!" with text "Requesting medic. Status: $health" ut_radio 3 3 I need a medic!" with text "Requesting medic. Status: $health
Enemy Spotted F6 Plays radio call "Enemy spotted at $crosshair" ut_radio 5 1 Enemy spotted at $crosshair
I'm going for the flag F7 Plays radio call "I'm going for the flag" ut_radio 7 2
Incoming F8 Plays radio call "Incoming" ut_radio 5 5
Requesting backup F9 Plays radio call "Requesting backup" ut_radio 2 6
Thanks F10 Plays radio call "Thanks" ut_radio 9 9

For information on creating your own custom radio binds, see Radio Binds.

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