Flag blue
Flag red

The Flag in Urban terror 4.1 is used in 3 Gamemodes. Capture the Flag, Capture and Hold and Follow the Leader. It can only be moved in one gamemode, Capture the Flag. But in CaH and FtL the Flags are static.

Capture the FlagEdit

In CTF the flag has the colour of the team it belongs to, and can be picked up from the ground by the opposing team and, if not on its spawnpoint, returned to its spawnpoint by the team with the same colour. It can be dropped by a player with the command "ut_itemdrop flag" wich can be bound to a key. If a player, holding the other teams flag touches his own on its spawnposition, the team will score one capture, giving the scoring player 15 points and other players in the team 10 points.

Capture and HoldEdit

In CaH the flag usually is grey, it can be captured by touching it, getting the team colour of the player. If a timer hits 0, all flags score a point for the Team they were held by and reset to grey.