The Franchi SPAS12 is a Secondary Weapon and the one and only shotgun in the game. The large amounts of pellets allows for a user to make an enemies legs bleed at medium range, making the enemy an easy target for teammates or a follow up shot. It is only very effective at close range due to the high spread, but can also kill at medium range.

The accuracy is significantly higher when the user crouches, making this recommended at medium range.

The SPAS-12 is the only weapon which is reloaded 1 round at a time. There are scripts that may be helpful with this uniqe reload mechanism.

The damage is somewhat unpredictable, since it fires several pellets with each shot. Damage info enumerated here is approximate.

In 4.2, the SPAS causes knockback, moving players back when they get hit. This is affected by the g_knockback CVar, and can change across different game servers.

In 4.1, the SPAS could be loaded with only six rounds, rather than eight. It would not recognize hit zones and a single pellet did 4% damage. If all pellets hit, it did 80% damage.