You can choose up to three items, depending on how many weapons you have chosen to equip yourself with, and whether or not you have grenades. The combinations of weapons, items and grenades are:

  • 2 weapons, a sidearm, grenades and 1 item
  • 2 weapons, a sidearm, 2 items
  • 1 weapon, a sidearm, 3 items
  • 1 weapon, a sidearm, grenades, 2 items

The Gear VariableEdit

To change your gear through the Console (or config file) here is the command and syntax (don't forget the leading / if entering the command in console):

  1. set gear 1234567


For example, if you wanted the Beretta 92G, ZM LR300, HK MP5K, HE Grenades, and a Laser Sight, you would type

  1. set gear FLIOVAA

Weapon Side Arm Primary Secondary Grenades Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Number
Boots N/A
Knife weapon1
Beretta 92G F weapon2
IMI DE .50 AE G weapon3
Glock 18 f weapon20
Colt 1911 g weapon21
.44 Magnum l weapon26
Franchi SPAS12 H H weapon4
HK MP5K I I weapon5
HK UMP45 J J weapon6
MAC 11 h h weapon22
Benelli M4 j j weapon24
FN P90 k k weapon25
HK69 40mm K weapon7
ZM LR300 L weapon8
HK G36 M weapon9
HK PSG1 N weapon10
Remington SR8 Z weapon14
AK103 7.62mm a weapon15
IMI Negev c weapon17
Colt M4A1 e weapon19
MAS FR-F1 i weapon23
HE Grenade O weapon11
Smoke Grenade Q weapon13
Kevlar Vest R R R N/A
Tactical Goggles S S S N/A
Medkit T T T N/A
Silencer U U U N/A
Laser Sight V V V N/A
Helmet W W W N/A
Extra Ammo X X X N/A
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