The HK G36 (actually, the G36E variant) is an automatic assault rifle with a 1X zoom scope attached at all times.


HK G36 is very accurate in automatic mode (but the accuracy falls significantly, when the weapon is zoomed in and the player moves). Combined with a scope, its makes G36 a very good medium to long range automatic sniper weapon. It is also used to suppress multiple fast moving targets over long range.

Its weak points are the rate of fire and reload speed - as such its not prefered by flankers or rushers. It does not support laser attachment. It also looses in accuracy and damage per second to the dedicated sniper rifles over the very long range, although the experienced shooter may try to offset lower damage by attaching a silencer - giving just enough time to spray bullets, before he or she can be discovered. Due to that G36 can potentially replace both PSG and a submachinegun.