The HK MP5K is one of the two submachine guns in Urban Terror. It is the fast and weak submachine gun.

Even though its fast fire rate compensates for its weak damage, the MP5k has significantly more accuracy loss due to recoil than the UMP. The H&K MP5k is best used in automatic, firing in short bursts at longer ranges. The recoil rate is the same as the ZM LR300 ML. Reload speed is acceptable at 2.6 sec, just 0.2 sec faster than the H&K UMP45.


The MP5k is best fitted with a laser sight to increase accuracy, a silencer could also be useful to further improve accuracy. Ammo is often needed as MP5k ammo is generally hard to find, and the fire rate is very high. When fitted with a silencer the MP5k is good for a stealth class, its small size sticking forward less than any other weapon. It can be very effective in close quarters flanking maneuvres.


The MP5 is a significant symbol in most FPS shooters. The MP5K is known as the a less accurate weapon in real life, being close to a machinepistol, it has a lot of recoil compared to other SMG's. Similarly the Urban Terror Depiction of the MP5k is that of an inaccurate "spammy" SMG.