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In general, you won't be able to just find servers to play old versions on, but should you feel nostalgic, or just curious about the game's history, you can still download and install old versions.

There are/were a few "retro servers" for 2.6, so a game may still be had online. 2.6 is notable for the Flashbang or Flash Grenade, which has since been removed from the game. Urban Terror 2.6 was pre-ioquake. In other words, it is still a mod for Quake III Arena, not a standalone game. To play it, you need a licensed (paid) copy of Quake 3, or as in these insturctions, OpenArena, a free, open-source alternative.


The first step is to download all three of the files you'll need:

  1. Urban Terror 2.6 (.exe/Windows zip file)
  2. Urban Terror 2.6a patch
  3. OpenArena (cross-platform)


Open ArenaEdit

Once you have these three files, start by installing OpenArena. See Manual/Install on OpenArena Wiki if you need help.

Urban Terror 2.6Edit

Next, run the Urban Terror installer. This may or may not draw a window while it runs (it didn't on Windows 8.1). If necessary, use the Task Manager (^ Ctrl+⎇ Alt+⌦ Del) to monitor the process and make sure it's running. When it's done, it will quit itself and you'll have an Urban Terror install in C:\Program Files\Quake III Arena\q3ut2\. Move the \q3ut2\ folder, instead, to your OpenArena folder, for example C:\Program Files\openarena-0.8.8\.

You should now have a playable Urban Terror 2.6 install in C:\Program Files\openarena-0.8.8\q3ut2\! You can skip ahead to learn how to launch OpenArena with the UrT 2.6 mod, or continue to install the patch and launch.

Urban Terror 2.6a PatchEdit

Open the 2.6a patch zip file. You will see a q3ut2\ folder inside. You need to merge the contents of this folder with the contents of your q3ut2\ folder in the OpenArena install. So...

  1. Open the 2.6 zip q3ut2\ folder.
  2. In a new window, open your openarena-0.8.8\q3ut2\ folder.
  3. Drag any files (but not folders) from the update zip to the install folder, overwriting any duplicates.
  4. Repeat this procedure for each folder, copying it's contents into the folder of the same name, overwriting any duplicates.

You're game should now be version 2.6a.


You will need a customized shortcut to run the game with the UrT mod loaded. Create a shortcut on your desktop (if you don't already have one from the Urban Terror installation). Edit the shortcut's target to be "\path\to\OpenArena\openarena.exe" +set fs_game q3ut2 and change the "Start in" path to "\path\to\OpenArena\". So, for example:

  • Target: "C:\Program Files\openarena-0.8.8\openarena.exe" +set fs_game q3ut2
  • Start in: "C:\Program Files\openarena-0.8.8\"

When finished, double-click the shortcut to launch OpenArena with the Urban Terror 2.6 mod.

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