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For retro versions, see Install Urban Terror 2.6

Initial InstallationEdit

Download Urban Terror from the Official Downloads Page. You can also run Urban Terror on other Quake 3 clients.

You can choose to use the installer/updater, which will download and install the remaining game files for you. Just place the updater where you would like the game to be installed* and run it. Or download the full zip file, then just extract the zip where you like it* and you're ready to play. The zip file includes the updater/installer for installing future updates.

Mac usersEdit

Urban Terror 4.2 must be in a folder where the user has write permissions. This is generally only a problem on Mac OS X because users are used to placing applications in the main Applications folder. This will cause errors. To avoid this, Mac users should install Urban Terror to the Applications folder in the user's home folder: /Users/[your name]/Applications/

Linux usersEdit

Give the executable permission to be executed, by right-clicking it, going to properties, and ticking the allow execution box.

Update InstallationEdit

After the initial install, when any updates are released, you can simply run the updater app. It will be in the same folder as your game executable.

Installing the update .zipEdit

If you choose to do so, you can download and manually install the files in the update .zip files rather than running the updater.

To install the update, simply overwrite your existing game files with the contents of the update zip. Usually, this includes files for the application executable that need to be copied wherever you installed the game, and then the contents of a q3ut4 folder: those files get copied to your Game path.

Mac Users will have to copy the contents of the update zip's q3ut4 folder to BOTH /path/to/game/q3ut4 and ~/Library/Application Support/Quake3/q3ut4/