Urban terror - Jump tutorial

Urban terror - Jump tutorial

Urban Terror 4.2 has had a jump mode (g_gametype 9) since 4.2.006; as of 4.2.012, it includes timers, nodamage, stamina regain (nostamina being a server-side option), arbitrary walljump limit, saving and loading positions, and matchmode. Mappers can place timer start, stop, and cancel entities and add colored paths to their maps. To activate or deactivate the timer, you have to type /ready in the console. Due to its history, 4.2 jump mode supports flags that anyone can take and cap.

For more information on how to jump, see Wall jump and Strafe-jumping.

Jump mode featuresEdit

For more information on jump mode commands, see Cheats
  • ghosting, or the ability to walk through other players, enabled client-side with /cg_ghost 1 in Console
  • persistent server-side location saves (needs to be enabled server-side with g_persistentPositions 1; the client commands are /save and load, the saved location being available for reloading even after you disconnect and reconnect)
  • goto, or the ability to teleport another player’s location (needs to be enabled server-side with g_allowgoto 1; the player you’re targeting has to enable got0 for themselves with /allowgoto in Console, after which you can teleport to them with /goto <slot number>). Use /playerlist to find a player's slot number.

UrT jumping does not require any weapons and most jump servers have damage disabled. Instead, players rely on Wall jumps and Strafe jump to gain height and speed. Most maps have nodamage floors and/or surfaces that teleport you back to the start of the particular jump (not the start of the map). Only a few maps like Deathjumps: Hell kill you on the first mistake. For those who find that friction is for noobs, there are various icy maps available, where all the jumps require running on a rather uncooperative surface.

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