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Kevlar VestEdit

Gear vest sm
The Kevlar vest (usually called Kevlar) is an armoured vest which protects the wearers torso. It severely affects the users stamina.
Damage comparison with and without kevlar
Weapon No kevlar Kevlar
Remington SR8


H&K PSG-1 97% 63%
Kalashnikov AK-103 51% 34%
M4A1 44% 29%
ZM LR300 ML 44% 29%
H&K G36 44% 29%
IMI Negev 30% 20%
H&K UMP45 44% 29%
H&K MP5k 30% 20%
IMI .50 AE Desert Eagle 57% 38%
Beretta 30% 20%

Kevlar HelmetEdit

Gear helmet sm
The Kevlar Helmet (usually just called Helm or Helmet) is a piece of armour to protect the head. It does not reduce stamina.
Damage comparison of weapons against helmet
Weapon No Helmet Helmet
H&K PSG-1 100% 100%
Remington SR8 100% 100%
Kalashnikov AK-103 100% 58%
M4A1 100% 51%
ZM LR300 ML 100% 51%
H&K G36 100% 51%
IMI Negev 50% 34%
H&K UMP45 100% 51%
H&K MP5k 50% 34%
IMI .50 AE Desert Eagle 100% 66%
Beretta 100% 34%

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