The following is a list of all keys that players may bind to functions in Urban Terror. Basically, you can bind any key on a QWERTY keyboard except for symbols that would require you to use the ⇧ Shift key, since Urban Terror won't allow you to use ⇧ Shift as an input modifier. So, you can bind 1, but not !; you can bind [, but not {

For more information, see Scripting Basics

Binds are case-sensitiveEdit

Binds are case sensitive, so binding b is different from binding B. While Urban Terror will actually allow you to bind capital letters, there is also no way to actually press them in the game; ⇧ Shift+B will simply send a key press of ⇧ Shift as well as a key press of b, not a capital B. Even activating ⇪ Caps Lock will continue to send lowercase letters.

So, if you used...

  1. bind b "<function b>"
  2. bind B "<function B>"
  3. bind SHIFT "<function SHIFT>"

...and you tried to push ⇧ Shift+b to activate <function B>, instead you would concurrently activate <function b> and <function SHIFT>.

Using ASCII Hex codesEdit

Keys can be bound by their ASCII hex-code, such as 0x7e (~) and 0x60 (`). Any additional keys not listed here can likely also be bound by using ASCII hex-codes. For example, if the hex code is 80 (⌫ Backspace), type bind 0x80 "<value>" to bind a function to ⌫ Backspace.

List of Bindable KeysEdit

UrT-bindable keys

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To use... ...type this ASCII Hex Code Description
A bind a "<value>" 0x61 Letter a
B bind b "<value>" 0x62 Letter b
C bind c "<value>" 0x63 Letter c
D bind d "<value>" 0x64 Letter d
E bind e "<value>" 0x65 Letter e
F bind f "<value>" 0x66 Letter f
G bind g "<value>" 0x67 Letter g
H bind g "<value>" 0x68 Letter h
I bind i "<value>" 0x69 Letter i
J bind j "<value>" 0x6a Letter j
K bind k "<value>" 0x6b Letter k
L bind l "<value>" 0x6c Letter l
M bind m "<value>" 0x6d Letter m
N bind n "<value>" 0x6e Letter n
O bind o "<value>" 0x6f Letter o
P bind p "<value>" 0x70 Letter p
Q bind q "<value>" 0x71 Letter q
R bind r "<value>" 0x72 Letter r
S bind s "<value>" 0x73 Letter s
T bind t "<value>" 0x74 Letter t
U bind u "<value>" 0x75 Letter u
V bind v "<value>" 0x76 Letter v
W bind w "<value>" 0x77 Letter w
X bind x "<value>" 0x78 Letter x
Y bind y "<value>" 0x79 Letter y
Z bind z "<value>" 0x7a Letter z
1 bind 1 "<value>" 0x31 Number 1
2 bind 2 "<value>" 0x32 Number 2
3 bind 3 "<value>" 0x33 Number 3
4 bind 4 "<value>" 0x34 Number 4
5 bind 5 "<value>" 0x35 Number 5
6 bind 6 "<value>" 0x36 Number 6
7 bind 7 "<value>" 0x37 Number 7
8 bind 8 "<value>" 0x38 Number 8
9 bind 9 "<value>" 0x39 Number 9
0 bind 0 "<value>" 0x3a Number 0
` bind ` "<value>" 0x60 Grave accent
~ bind ~ "<value>" 0x7e Tilde
- bind - "<value>" 0x2d Hyphen
= bind = "<value>" 0x3d Equals sign
' bind ' "<value>" 0x27 Apostrophe
. bind . "<value>" 0x2e Period
/ bind / "<value>" 0x2f Slash
\ bind \ "<value>" 0x5c Backslash
[ bind [ "<value>" 0x5b Opening Bracket
] bind ] "<value>" 0x5d Closing Bracket
, bind , "<value>" 0x2c Comma
F1 bind F1 "<value>" N/A Function key: F1
F2 bind F2 "<value>" N/A Function key: F2
F3 bind F3 "<value>" N/A Function key: F3
F4 bind F4 "<value>" N/A Function key: F4
F5 bind F5 "<value>" N/A Function key: F5
F6 bind F6 "<value>" N/A Function key: F6
F7 bind F7 "<value>" N/A Function key: F7
F8 bind F8 "<value>" N/A Function key: F8
F9 bind F9 "<value>" N/A Function key: F9
F10 bind F10 "<value>" N/A Function key: F10
F11 bind F11 "<value>" N/A Function key: F11
F12 bind F12 "<value>" N/A Function key: F12
; bind SEMICOLON "<value>" 0x3b Semicolon key
⇧ Shift bind SHIFT "<value>" N/A Left and right shift keys
⎇ Alt bind ALT "<value>" N/A Left and right alt keys (⌥ Option on Mac keyboards)
^ Ctrl bind CTRL "<value>" N/A Left and right control keys
   Space Bar    bind SPACE "<value>" 0x20 The space bar
↵ Enter bind ENTER "<value>" 0x0d Enter key (⏎ Return on Mac keyboards)
⇪ Caps Lock bind CAPSLOCK "<value>" N/A The caps lock key
Tab ↹ bind TAB "<value>" 0x09 Tab key
⌦ Del bind del "<value>" 0x7f Delete key (⌦ Del on Mac keyboard, not ⌫ Delete; Fn+⌫ Delete on compact Mac keyboards)
⌫ Backspace bind BACKSPACE "<value>" 0x08 Backspace key (⌫ Delete on Mac keyboards)
⎋ Esc bind ESCAPE "<value>" 0x1B Escape Key
⎉ Pause bind PAUSE "<value>" N/A Pause key
Scroll ⇩ bind SCROLLOCK "<value>" N/A Scroll lock key
⎙ PrtScr bind PRINT "<value>" N/A Print screen key
⇱ Home bind HOME "<value>" N/A Home key (Fn+ on compact Mac keyboards)
⇞ PgUp bind PGUP "<value>" N/A Page up key (Fn+ on compact Mac keyboards)
⇟ PgDn bind PGDN "<value>" N/A Page down key (Fn+ on compact Mac keyboards)
⌤ Ins bind INS "<value>" N/A Insert key
⇲ End bind END "<value>" N/A End key (Fn+ on compact Mac keyboards)
bind LEFTARROW "<value>" N/A Left arrow key
bind DOWNARROW "<value>" N/A Down arrow key
bind RIGHTARROW "<value>" N/A Right arrow key
bind UPARROW "<value>" N/A Up arrow key
№ ⓪ bind KP_INS "<value>" N/A Numeric keypad: 0
№ . bind KP_DEL "<value>" N/A Numeric keypad: .
№ ① bind KP_END "<value>" N/A Numeric keypad: 1
№ ② bind KP_DOWNARROW "<value>" N/A Numeric keypad: 2
№ ③ bind KP_PGDN "<value>" N/A Numeric keypad: 3
№ ④ bind KP_LEFTARROW "<value>" N/A Numeric keypad: 4
№ ⑤ bind KP_5 "<value>" N/A Numeric keypad: 5
№ ⑥ bind KP_RIGHTARROW "<value>" N/A Numeric keypad: 6
№ ⑦ bind KP_HOME "<value>" N/A Numeric keypad: 7
№ ⑧ bind KP_UPARROW "<value>" N/A Numeric keypad: 8
№ ⑨ bind KP_PGUP "<value>" N/A Numeric keypad: 9
№ / bind KP_SLASH "<value>" N/A Numeric keypad: /
№ * bind KP_STAR "<value>" N/A Numeric keypad: *
№ - bind KP_MINUS "<value>" N/A Numeric keypad: -
№ + bind KP_PLUS "<value>" N/A Numeric keypad: +
№ Enter bind KP_ENTER "<value>" N/A Numeric keypad: Enter
Left Click bind MOUSE1 "<value>" N/A Mouse button 1 (left click on right-handed mouse)
Right Click bind MOUSE2 "<value>" N/A Mouse button 2 (right click on right-handed mouse)
Middle Click bind MOUSE3 "<value>" N/A Mouse button 3 (middle click)
Mouse button 4 bind MOUSE4 "<value>" N/A Mouse button 4 (auxiliary mouse button 4, usually only on specialty/gaming mice)
Mouse button 5 bind MOUSE5 "<value>" N/A Mouse button 5 (auxiliary mouse button 5, usually only on specialty/gaming mice)
Mouse button 6 bind MOUSE6 "<value>" N/A Mouse button 6 (auxiliary mouse button 6, usually only on specialty/gaming mice)
Mouse button 7 bind MOUSE7 "<value>" N/A Mouse button 7 (auxiliary mouse button 7, usually only on specialty/gaming mice)
Mouse button 8 bind MOUSE8 "<value>" N/A Mouse button 8 (auxiliary mouse button 8, usually only on specialty/gaming mice)
Mouse button 9 bind MOUSE9 "<value>" N/A Mouse button 9 (auxiliary mouse button 9, usually only on specialty/gaming mice)
Mouse button 10 bind MOUSE10 "<value>" N/A Mouse button 10 (auxiliary mouse button 10, usually only on specialty/gaming mice)
Mouse button 11 bind MOUSE11 "<value>" N/A Mouse button 11 (auxiliary mouse button 11, usually only on specialty/gaming mice)
Mouse button 12 bind MOUSE12 "<value>" N/A Mouse button 12 (auxiliary mouse button 12, usually only on specialty/gaming mice)
Mouse button 13 bind MOUSE13 "<value>" N/A Mouse button 13 (auxiliary mouse button 13, usually only on specialty/gaming mice)
Mouse button 14 bind MOUSE14 "<value>" N/A Mouse button 14 (auxiliary mouse button 14, usually only on specialty/gaming mice)
Mouse Wheel (up) bind MWHEELUP "<value>" N/A Mouse wheel (up)
Mouse Wheel (down) bind MWHEELDOWN "<value>" N/A Mouse wheel (down)
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