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Color codes will work in say_team, ut_radio # #, and ut_echo (among other uses). They are ignored in public chat/say commands. Moderators can use colors in public rcon say commands.

Manual-text colors

Use of Color Codes

To apply colors, simply type the code or add it to text in a bind or config file. Everything after that will have the color applied until a new color code is typed or the line breaks.

^1Hello, ^2this is ^4blue.

Result: Hello, this is blue.

The default color for chat is ^3, pale yellow. The default color for console messages is ^7, white.

NOTE: Only 0-7 are officially supported colors. The others work, but are not officially supported.

Code Color Description
^0 Black Transparent/outlined pure black. Difficult to read, so ^/ (dark grey) is recommended instead.
^1 Pale Red Pale red
^2 Green Pure RGB green (0, 255, 0)
^3 Pale Yellow Pale yellow; default chat color
^4 Pale Blue Pale blue
^5 Cyan Pure RGB cyan (0, 255, 255)
^6 Magenta Pure RGB magenta (255, 0, 255)
^7 White Pure RGB white (255, 255, 255); default console color
^8 Orange Pale orange
^9 Brown/olive Almost grey
^( Blue Pure RGB blue (0, 0, 255)
^) Yellow Pure RGB yellow (255, 255, 0)
^/ Iron Dark grey
^. Grey Middle grey
^- Silver Light grey
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