The following is a list of clans which are notable within the Urban Terror community. A "notable" clan is one which has had some great impact on Urban Terror/the general Urban Terror community. Before adding or removing a clan here, please start a discussion and use community consensus.

This list should be a supplement to the list of all Urban Terror clans, and should be used to highlight notable clans, not to list any/all clans.

Full Name
(links to wiki page)
(links to clan site)
Oficially Registered
(links to profile)
1-UP [1up] March 2010
Clan6thFloor 6th| March 2010
Fallin-Angels |FA| February 2010
FSK-405 FSK405| May 2009
Snipers Gaulois ~SG~ April 2002
Wildcats |WC| March 2010
Drunknoobs DN|] October 2010

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