Radio UI

To use radio calls in a script, use ut_radio # # text. So for example, to say "Affirmative" in team chat and play the voice call as well, use:

ut_radio 1 1 Affirmative

You can also use the play command to play the sound for yourself locally, should you ever want to.

For help on creating radio binds, see Radio Binds.

There is one special radio call that can't be customized,

ut_radio lol

This will play a random laugh and in team chat it will send a random laugh-text: "heh," "haha," or "bahahaha." Only people with auto-radio on will be able to hear it.You can set cg_autoradio to 1 or 2; it is set to off (0) by default. To use the GUI in-game, go Options > Chat Settings > and set Auto Radio to Enabled, or Enabled, No 'Grenade!'

To bind a key to laugh, open console and type

/bind x ut_radio lol

...where x is any key you would like to bind. See List of Bindable Keys for more information.

Voice Call Radio Command Play Command (Female) Play Command (Male)
"Affirmative" ut_radio 1 1 play sound\radio\female\female11.wav play sound\radio\male\male11.wav
"Negative" ut_radio 1 2 play sound\radio\female\female12.wav play sound\radio\male\male12.wav
"I'm on it!" ut_radio 1 3 play sound\radio\female\female13.wav play sound\radio\male\male13.wav
"Area secured." ut_radio 1 4 play sound\radio\female\female14.wav play sound\radio\male\male14.wav
"Base is secure" ut_radio 1 5 play sound\radio\female\female15.wav play sound\radio\male\male15.wav
"Medic on the way, hang in there." ut_radio 1 6 play sound\radio\female\female16.wav play sound\radio\male\male16.wav
"I've got your back" ut_radio 1 7 play sound\radio\female\female17.wav play sound\radio\male\male17.wav
"Enemy terminated" ut_radio 1 8 play sound\radio\female\female18.wav play sound\radio\male\male18.wav
Menu 2 — ORDERS
"Move in" ut_radio 2 1 play sound\radio\female\female21.wav play sound\radio\male\male21.wav
"Fallback and regroup" ut_radio 2 2 play sound\radio\female\female22.wav play sound\radio\male\male22.wav
"Hold your position" ut_radio 2 3 play sound\radio\female\female23.wav play sound\radio\male\male23.wav
"Stick with me." ut_radio 2 4 play sound\radio\female\female24.wav play sound\radio\male\male24.wav
"Cover me" ut_radio 2 5 play sound\radio\female\female25.wav play sound\radio\male\male25.wav
"Requesting backup." ut_radio 2 6 play sound\radio\female\female26.wav play sound\radio\male\male26.wav
"Go for the objective." ut_radio 2 7 play sound\radio\female\female27.wav play sound\radio\male\male27.wav
"Flank them!" ut_radio 2 8 play sound\radio\female\female28.wav play sound\radio\male\male28.wav
"Double time, let's move!" ut_radio 2 9 play sound\radio\female\female29.wav play sound\radio\male\male29.wav
"I'm moving in" ut_radio 3 1 play sound\radio\female\female31.wav play sound\radio\male\male31.wav
"Awaiting orders" ut_radio 3 2 play sound\radio\female\female32.wav play sound\radio\male\male32.wav
"I need a medic" ut_radio 3 3 play sound\radio\female\female33.wav play sound\radio\male\male33.wav
"Objective in sight." ut_radio 3 4 play sound\radio\female\female34.wav play sound\radio\male\male34.wav
"Objective is clear." ut_radio 3 5 play sound\radio\female\female35.wav play sound\radio\male\male35.wav
"I'm attacking" ut_radio 3 6 play sound\radio\female\female36.wav play sound\radio\male\male36.wav
"I'm defending." ut_radio 3 7 play sound\radio\female\female37.wav play sound\radio\male\male37.wav
"I'm flanking." ut_radio 3 8 play sound\radio\female\female38.wav play sound\radio\male\male38.wav
"Holding here." ut_radio 3 9 play sound\radio\female\female39.wav play sound\radio\male\male39.wav
Menu 4 — QUERIES
"Status?" ut_radio 4 1 play sound\radio\female\female41.wav play sound\radio\male\male41.wav
"Objective status?" ut_radio 4 2 play sound\radio\female\female42.wav play sound\radio\male\male42.wav
"Base status?" ut_radio 4 3 play sound\radio\female\female43.wav play sound\radio\male\male43.wav
"Where's the enemy?" ut_radio 4 4 play sound\radio\female\female44.wav play sound\radio\male\male44.wav
"Where are the medics?" ut_radio 4 5 play sound\radio\female\female45.wav play sound\radio\male\male45.wav
"Anyone need support?" ut_radio 4 6 play sound\radio\female\female46.wav play sound\radio\male\male46.wav
"Anyone need a medic?" ut_radio 4 7 play sound\radio\female\female47.wav play sound\radio\male\male47.wav
"Who's ya daddy?" "Who's your momma?" (female voice) ut_radio 4 8 play sound\radio\female\female48.wav play sound\radio\male\male48.wav
"How the hell are ya?" ut_radio 4 9 play sound\radio\female\female49.wav play sound\radio\male\male49.wav
"Enemy spotted." ut_radio 5 1 play sound\radio\female\female51.wav play sound\radio\male\male51.wav
"Enemy heard." ut_radio 5 2 play sound\radio\female\female52.wav play sound\radio\male\male52.wav
"Enemy is flanking!" ut_radio 5 3 play sound\radio\female\female53.wav play sound\radio\male\male53.wav
"Enemy headed your way!" ut_radio 5 4 play sound\radio\female\female54.wav play sound\radio\male\male54.wav
"Incoming!" ut_radio 5 5 play sound\radio\female\female55.wav play sound\radio\male\male55.wav
NULL ut_radio 5 6
NULL ut_radio 5 7
NULL ut_radio 5 8
"Objective in danger!" ut_radio 5 9 play sound\radio\female\female59.wav play sound\radio\male\male59.wav
"North." ut_radio 6 1 play sound\radio\female\female61.wav play sound\radio\male\male61.wav
"South." ut_radio 6 2 play sound\radio\female\female62.wav play sound\radio\male\male62.wav
"East." ut_radio 6 3 play sound\radio\female\female63.wav play sound\radio\male\male63.wav
"West." ut_radio 6 4 play sound\radio\female\female64.wav play sound\radio\male\male64.wav
"Base." ut_radio 6 5 play sound\radio\female\female65.wav play sound\radio\male\male65.wav
"High." ut_radio 6 6 play sound\radio\female\female66.wav play sound\radio\male\male66.wav
"Low." ut_radio 6 7 play sound\radio\female\female67.wav play sound\radio\male\male67.wav
"Water" ut_radio 6 8 play sound\radio\female\female68.wav play sound\radio\male\male68.wav
"Here." ut_radio 6 9 play sound\radio\female\female69.wav play sound\radio\male\male69.wav
"I've got the flag." ut_radio 7 1 play sound\radio\female\female71.wav play sound\radio\male\male71.wav
"I'm going for the flag." ut_radio 7 2 play sound\radio\female\female72.wav play sound\radio\male\male72.wav
"They have our flag." ut_radio 7 3 play sound\radio\female\female73.wav play sound\radio\male\male73.wav
"Base is being overrun!" "Base is in trouble." (female voice) ut_radio 7 4 play sound\radio\female\female74.wav play sound\radio\male\male74.wav
"Recover the flag!" ut_radio 7 5 play sound\radio\female\female75.wav play sound\radio\male\male75.wav
"Flag exiting left." ut_radio 7 6 play sound\radio\female\female76.wav play sound\radio\male\male76.wav
"Flag exiting right." ut_radio 7 7 play sound\radio\female\female77.wav play sound\radio\male\male77.wav
"Flag exiting front." ut_radio 7 8 play sound\radio\female\female78.wav play sound\radio\male\male78.wav
"Flag exiting back." ut_radio 7 9 play sound\radio\female\female79.wav play sound\radio\male\male79.wav
Menu 8 — BOMB
"Heading to Bombsite A" ut_radio 8 1 play sound\radio\female\female81.wav play sound\radio\male\male81.wav
"Heading to Bombsite B" ut_radio 8 2 play sound\radio\female\female82.wav play sound\radio\male\male82.wav
"Enemy at Bombsite A." ut_radio 8 3 play sound\radio\female\female83.wav play sound\radio\male\male83.wav
"Enemy at Bombsite B." ut_radio 8 4 play sound\radio\female\female84.wav play sound\radio\male\male84.wav
"I have the bomb" ut_radio 8 5 play sound\radio\female\female85.wav play sound\radio\male\male85.wav
"The bomb is loose!" ut_radio 8 6 play sound\radio\female\female86.wav play sound\radio\male\male86.wav
NULL ut_radio 8 7
NULL ut_radio 8 8
NULL ut_radio 8 9
"Good job, team." ut_radio 9 1 play sound\radio\female\female91.wav play sound\radio\male\male91.wav
"Nice one." ut_radio 9 2 play sound\radio\female\female92.wav play sound\radio\male\male92.wav
"Check your fire!" ut_radio 9 3 play sound\radio\female\female93.wav play sound\radio\male\male93.wav
"Sorry about that" ut_radio 9 4 play sound\radio\female\female94.wav play sound\radio\male\male94.wav
"Whatever." ut_radio 9 5 play sound\radio\female\female95.wav play sound\radio\male\male95.wav
"No problem." ut_radio 9 6 play sound\radio\female\female96.wav play sound\radio\male\male96.wav
"Oh, you idiot!" ut_radio 9 7 play sound\radio\female\female97.wav play sound\radio\male\male97.wav
"What the f***, over?" "What the hell was that?" (female voice) ut_radio 9 8 play sound\radio\female\female98.wav play sound\radio\male\male98.wav
"Thanks." ut_radio 9 9 play sound\radio\female\female99.wav play sound\radio\male\male99.wav
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