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Algiers is one of the standard maps in urban terror, it is a small map, generally best for 6-16 players.It has two long straight roads, which can easily be covered by snipers as they are very open. In Capture the Flag, the distance between flags is very small, so a defender has very short time to take down the flag carrier.


Title                   : Algiers
Map Name                : ut4_algiers.bsp
Author(s)               : Tristian 'Tub' Barrett
Email Address           :
Homepage                :
Urban Terror Homepage   :
Date                    : 2007-01-28
Version 1:
-Beadmonkey for his great models and textures.
-Sweetnutz for his brilliant textures. and Scott Braut for textures
-Shaderlab for their tutorials, shaders, textures and of course q3map2.
-Christopher Buecheler for his cwb textures
-xlr8shun, Hybridesque for his help on the forums
-planetside software for producing Terragen
-The SID team for the ridiculous amount of work they have put in.
-id software for Quake3.
Version 2:
- Mr. for the great hybrid_oriental music
- Lt1 for the new light model
- The testers!
Copyright = mine!
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