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  • This map is known to crash servers running Urban Terror 4.2.
  • The train engine on the bridge is bugged: You can shoot through it, and players with tacs can see targets through it as well.


* Urban Terror Level * 
    Title			: UT4_Eagle
    Filename		: ut4_eagle.bsp
    Author			: MasHeeN
    Date	(update)	: 20 December 2007
    E-mail address		:
    Homepage URL		: 
    MOD Hompage		:

* Updated *
    Revised for a version 4 release. No real changes apart from some additional 
    * Level Description *
    Based on an idea from the all time classic film "Where Eagles Dare" and heavily 
    modified for some good UT action the map has the cable car, a castle and a 
    village area. 
    This map is large and plays best with a higher number of players, it was also 
    written with CTF and CAH in mind. Its size is an attempt to provide a flowing 
    game with varying flash points and positional play, gameplay must then involve 
    teamwork in order to achieve gametype goals.
    Other gametypes are all catered for since I saw no reason not to provide as 
    many options as possible. I have had varying feedback regarding the quality 
    of play for Team Survivor modes, some good some not so good, beta testing 
    has concentrated on the the CTF and CAH modes and the map has been optimised 
    for these modes. 
    A special note of thanks goes to Omita, the man responsible for the fantastic 
    models within ut_eagle. It is these that make the "wow" factor of the map. I 
    have not worked with a more patient and diligent person, who delivered as 
    promised work of such quality.
    Single Player		: No
    Gamemodes		: ut_ffa ut_team ut_survivor ut_follow ut_cah ut_ctf ut_bomb
    Suggested player load	: 10-32
    New Textures		: Yes
    New Sounds		: Yes
    * Construction *
    Map Base		: from scratch
    Prefabs used		: Textures from vehicle_truck by {IS}Bael/NRGizeR
    			  Various prefabs by NRGizeR	  
    Mapobjects used		: Eagle model by Omita (
			  Switcher model by Omita (
			  Junkers model by Omita (
			  Defcon_tree by SID
			  Goblin Gargoyle by Chris "Drahd" Birgy
			  Roman Armor by Oak (

Editor used		: GTKRADIANT 1.3.13
Other utilities used	: The usual, particularly
			  q3map_2.5.16_win32_x86 (
			  SC3K Map Editor Version (
			  Surface Inspector by {TRIAD}cry4dawn
Known Bugs		: 
Compile machine		: AMD Athlon64 3000 1024Mb DDR
BSP time		: ? sec
VIS time		: ? sec
RAD time		: ? sec
AAS time		: ? sec
Total Brushes		: 7056 
DM spawns		: 24
TP spawns		: 192 (16 per team/gametype)
CAH capturepoints	: 6
Locations		: 31
    : Eagle - By MasHeeN - (ut_eagle.pk3)
: Eagle - By MasHeeN - (ut_eagle_30.pk3)
: Crossing - By MasHeeN - (ut_crossing_30.pk3)
: Ambush - By MasHeeN - (ut_ambush.pk3)
: Well some Doom levels, Doom2 levels, Quake levels, Q3Arena and Q3TeamArena 
  levels, but none as public release.
    * CREDITS *
    Omita for his models, his diligence and his patience. (
Sweetnutz and bbq for their fabulous textures.
Dragonne for helping me actually get a map public. (
Devteam for the project hosting and help (
Silicon Ice Development (
Madfoot for his German translations (yes he is responsible), research, and friendly fire.
Dugster for his texture work and general eagerness.
Riley for stinging my hardware.
wRaN for putting up with my "just doing the "final final final" build" antics
cry4dawn for use of his "surface inspector"
Those involved in the Urban Terror forums for making it an informative and educational place to be.
Beta testers, public and private for the feedback, particularly those signed up 
to the beta test registry (
FSK for providing a great server to play new community maps on.
    Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional
    levels, and the geometry CANNOT be changed in any way. If you
    wish to modify the entities for use with a non-standard CTF Mod,
    please inform me be e-mail, just so I know it's out there in
    other forms. Please retain this text file if you do.
    You CAN create prefabs from this level though, just please give
    the original author the credit for the original construction!
    This .pk3 may be distributed over the Internet and/or BBS
    systems(like these exist anymore) as long as the ORIGINAL(this)
    text file is included in the .zip file.
    You may NOT distribute this map/.pk3 file/.bsp file commercially
    without my expressed WRITTEN permission. If you wish to include
    this in a compilation of some form, have your people contact my
    people and they'll talk, or just send me an e-mail and we'll talk. ;)
Standard Maps

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