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Horror can be difficult to navigate, even after several games there. There are many hidden passages and numerous doorways. While the map is a "mirror image" layout, the two side actually do have subtle differences that can help to orient you.


  • You can crouch and walk into fireplaces near the spawn, which will teleport you out of a fireplace located somewhere on the same side of the map (which you cannot then re-enter).
  • There are four different locations with hanging, animated tapestries. You can walk through them to access hidden hallways. You can also shoot through them and see players beyond them using tacs.


 * Urban Terror Level *
    Title : Horror (4.0) Author : Sinni Date : 07 February 2008
    * Level Description *
    The Bernheim Estate. An abandonded northern California gothic mansion
overlooking the Pacific ocean north of Santa Cruz.
 Christoph Bernheim, a wealthy austrian chemist, commissioned the design and
construction of the Bernheim estate in 1892. He, his wife (Virginia), and son
(Rannells) took up residence in the estate in 1897. Virginia gave birth to
Karolyn Bernheim in June of 1902.
 Mr. Bernheim was well-known in the Santa Cruz area and hosted several parties
and banquets at the mansion. In June of 1910, a secret meeting occurred at the
Estate to discuss the formation of a Grand Lodge of the Ordo Templi Orientis.
Attendees of this occult gathering were Rudolph Steiner, Theodor Reuss, John
Yarker, and Aleister Crowley.
 During these discussions, it was decided that this Lodge would begin to teach
the esoteric Rosicrucian doctrines of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light, and
Kellner's "Key" to Masonic symbolism in the California area. The Lodge's secret
goal was to aid Crowley in the global triangulation of energy for the Gnostic
Mass Invoking Horus.
 Nine months later on the morning of March 21, Christoph Berhnheim's daughter
Karolyn was reported missing after a large "social" event on the estate the
night before. It was reported as an abduction, but investigators never
interviewed a single attendee, nor were they able to close the case in the
years that followed. Speculation years later suggested the large gathering was
actually "The Feast for the Supreme Ritual" (the Invocation of Horus) which is
observed on March 20, and represents the opening of the Thelemic new year.
 One report from an aging freemason who supposedly attended the Feast indicated
that the eight-year-old girl had simply "disappeared before our eyes during the
ritual." According to the witness it was a good thing the girl disappeared,
because it was believed she was going to be sacrificed to Horus for blessings
upon the Lodge and its members. This conflicts with the known details of the
Gnostic Mass which makes no mention of tributes or sacrifices.
 Bernheim's business and social life began to crumble in the months that
followed. He became addicted to cocaine and opium, eventually went bankrupt,
and fell into a deep depression. On March 20 1913, under strange circumstances,
Christoph Bernheim supposedly murdered his wife and son, and then committed
suicide. All were found dead in bed with slit throats with no visible signs of
forced entry or intrusion. A kitchen knife was found lying on Christoph's side
of the bed, but no fingerprints could be found upon it. Correspondence
belonging to Mr. Bernheim indicated that he continued to blame Karolyn for his
demise ... though she had been missing for exactly two years to the day of his
 The house was occupied by one other owner in the years that followed ... but
they did not stay long. It eventually fell into disrepair and could not be
sold. Later, It was quietly purchased by a wealthy Soviet entrepreneur, Akhmad
Maskhadov ... but he never visited or occupied the house.
 Current Situation 20:44, February 22, 2014 (UTC)20:44, February 22, 2014 (UTC)20:44, February 22, 2014 (UTC)~~
 Akhmad Maskhadov, current owner of The Bernheim Estate, is the President and
CEO of several fake "laundering" companies supplying money and supplies to
hardline communist militants.
 A Russian terror cell has quietly begun operations in the estate's basement. A
long forgotten passage down to a remote sea cave below provides ample cover and
access to cargo shipping lanes off the coast. Plans to smuggle in a nuclear
bomb are underway and scientists are beginning to gather in the house.
 A child's diary, belonging to 8-year old Karolyn Bernheim, sheds light on the
twisted history of the estate dating back to 1897. A final passage, March
19,1911, foretells her fears. A newspaper clipping confirms her disappearance.
But it's the recent scrawl of a child's handwriting in the back of the diary
that sends chills ... "help me. please, i can hear you out there. hurry, he's
coming back."
 The lights flicker ... the creaking of the house in the wind wears on the
nerves of the new inhabitants. Items go missing. The running footsteps of a
small child are heard overhead. Nightime is uneasy and filled with unexplained
noises: Distant music ... chanting ... moans ... whispers. The stress of their
mission and the fear of the unknown drive them to the brink.
 A panicked midnight cell-phone call is traced by the Urban Terror 109th
division. A team of specialists are dispatched with orders to "clean house."
But is it an assault? ..... or a rescue?
    Single Player : No Deathmatch (FFA) : Yes Team Deathmatch : Yes Team Survivor
: Yes Capture and Hold : Yes Follow the leader : No Capture the flag : Yes
Suggested player load : 8-16 New Textures : Yes New Sounds : Yes New Models :
    * Construction *
    Map Base : ut_horror by Prefabs used : None Mapobjects used :
LT1's ( : Mine : BladeKiller's Editor used : QuArK3D :
MilkShape3D Other utilities used : Photoshop, CoolEdit2000, Q3Map2(FS_20g)
    * OTHER LEVELS BY Sinni *
    No New Levels, but Updated: Sanc Harbortown
    * CREDITS *
    RabidCow : Textures BladeKiller : Textures and Models BlackRayne : Mapobjects
Thonm : Textures id : For the Quake series
    Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels. This map
MAY NOT be sold, or in any other way turn into profit for any other person than
the author. This map MAY be distributed on any media as long as this media is
distributed freely without anyone having to pay for it. This level is designed
for the Quake 3 Total Conversion "Urban Terror" and is not to be used,
replicated or edited for any other Mod, Total Conversion, Game or Game Engine.
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