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Subway is one of the Urban Terror 4.1 standard maps , it features a subway station as a setting. The map is quite closed, so H&K69s are quite common when they are allowed, and often a game will turn into a "nadefest" which sometimse results in a server overloading.


Subway 3 by Michael Daugherty (lighting & scale updated for UrbanTerror 4 by Maureen Yost aka BladeKiller)
Released:	11.23.2002
Game:		Quake 3
Mode:		Urban Terror -
Homepage:	n/a
Installation:	1. Extract ut_subway2.pk3 to x:\Quake III Arena\baseq3
		2. Load Quake 3 and from console (hit tilde key) type "map ut_subway2"
A one-track subway station with a 3-car train in the center.
This level requires Urban Terror ( to be experienced 
properly, although you can load the map and run around in regular Q3A.
This map is an update to the original ut_subway; it is not a completely new level.
After watching a demo of a 2-hour overtime clan match on ut_subway, I realized 
that this map, with its close-quarters combat and 2-choke gameplay, has become 
less dynamic as clans have mastered it over the last 10 months. By adding two paths
to a new "Underpass" area beneath the subway station, I hope to mix up the action 
a little bit.
For those of you who still want the "brute force" and "compartmental" strategy of 
ut_subway, I encourage you to stick with the original, as it's still a great map.
However, give a ut_subway2 a chance, as it offers the same close-quarters action,
but with more choices and space to move around.
	id Software	- Quake 3
	Silicon Ice Dev.- Urban Terror (
	zfz\cyanide	- initial "subway" concept and collaboration on layout ideas
	deek		- primary tester, feedback
	zfz\frost	- collaboration on layout and gameplay ideas
	ydnar		- q3map enhancements/improvements, technical advice, and textures (see below)
			  Note: If you're interested in ydnar's urban textures, get his original, unaltered
			  works at ShaderLab ( His enhanced version of q3map is now bundled with
			  GTKRadiant (
	redmund		- various design ideas and textures (see below)
	[SID]Oswald	- PR support and feedback in IRC/forums
	[SID]Bladekiller- subway announcement recordings (see below)
	Ziggurat	- testing/feedback
	fuel		- testing/feedback
	Everyone else who contributed to this map in some way - Thanks!
	Textures stolen, altered, or sampled:
		ad_3dings1.jpg 			- frost (
		ad_bleach_01.jpg 		- redmund (
		ad_cologne_02.jpg 		- redmund
		ad_evil_goo_01.jpg		- redmund
		ad_jarian_01.jpg		- redmund
		ad_woodornot.jpg		- redmund / deek / aNouc
		ad_ydnar_02.jpg			- ydnar (
		ad_ydnar_03.jpg			- ydnar
		ad_ydnar_05.jpg			- ydnar
		ad_zfzad_01.jpg			- redmund
		ad_zfzad_02.jpg			- frost
		bush.jpg			- from a q3ut pk3	
		cement-tiled_02.tga		- ydnar (cropped by me)
		cement_1_sharp2sat.tga		- ydnar (bumpmap overlay from rtcw)
		cement_3_bump01.tga		- ydnar (bumpmap overlay from rtcw)
		ControlRoomDoor01_128x256.jpg	- Max Payne (Remedy Entertainment Ltd.)
		detail_door_03.jpg		- M. Kupfer (
		detail_door_04.jpg		- M. Kupfer (
		detail_door_06.jpg		- from ut_sliema.pk3 by Pete "OzeDooD" Cliff (
		detail_payphone_01.jpg		- found on
		det_ctrlpanel_01.jpg		- found on
		det_ctrlpanel_02.jpg		- found on
		det_ctrlpanel_03.jpg		- found on
		det_ctrlpanel_04.jpg		- found on
		det_elecpanel_02.jpg		-
		det_elecpanel_03.jpg		-
		det_metpole.jpg			- sampled from detail_door_04.jpg
		det_monitor_02.jpg		- found on
		det_subfloor_05_seam.tga	- bumpmap overlay from Max Payne
		dirt2.jpg			- from a q3ut pk3
		dump-wall.tga			- ydnar
		fence.tga			- from a q3ut pk3
		flat_lt_bump02.tga		- ydnar (bumpmap overlay from rtcw)
		front6.jpg			- M. Kupfer (
		frontpq13.jpg			- M. Kupfer (
		frontpq4.jpg			- M. Kupfer (
		glass2.tga			- Return to Castle Wolfenstein (
		keyboard.jpg			- Cyben (
		metal-tan-rivets.tga		- ydnar
		metal4.jpg			- forgot - email me if it's yours :)
		metal_1.tga			- ydnar
		metal_2.tga			- from a q3ut pk3
		metal_bright.jpg		- from a q3ut pk3
		mund_subway_caution.jpg		- redmund
		mund_subway_tile_concrete.jpg	- redmund
		news_01.jpg			- found on
		news_03.jpg			- found on
		news_04.jpg			- found on
		news_05.jpg			- found on
		news_06.jpg			- found on
		news_07.jpg			- found on
		pctower.jpg			- Cyben (
		pipe_1.tga			- ydnar (cropped by me)
		planta1.tga			- from ut_paradise by eXKalibuR (
		planta5.tga			- from ut_paradise by eXKalibuR (
		sign_phone.jpg			- found on
		sign_restroom_m.jpg		- found on
		sign_restroom_w.jpg		- found on
		TRASHONTHEFLOOR04_256X128.JPG	- Max Payne (Remedy Entertainment Ltd.)
		w2k_bush1.tga			- from a q3ut pk3
		wide_rusty.tga			- ydnar (cropped by me)
		skybox				- generated by Terragen (
	Sounds used, altered, or sampled:
		amb_station_noise1.wav		-
		helicopterL.wav			-
		machine3.wav			- ut_revolution
		music_kyoto1.wav		-
		music_kyoto2.wav		-
		voice_bladek_exit.wav		- voice of Bladekiller (
		voice_bladek_respect.wav	- voice of Bladekiller
		voice_bladek_train.wav		- voice of Bladekiller
		voice_station_ann2L.wav		-
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