Gear medkit sm
The Medkit is a teamwork-based equipment which allows the player wearing it to heal teammates up to 90% health (instead of the usual limit of 50%) and does so at a faster rate. Players carrying medkits can be healed up to 90% by any player, whether the other player has a medkit or not, but it happens at the normal, slower rate.

Notes on bandagingEdit

These notes are true whether or not you carry the medkit item.

  • It is possible, should you ever want to, to heal enemy players, though you will not be able to see their health meter as you do it.
  • While bleeding and self-bandaging, dropping kevlar will slightly reduce the amount of time it takes to finish bandaging. This is why high level kevlar users drop their kevlar the moment they bandage. Many have +button6 (bandage) and ut_itemdrop kevlar bound to the same button. To do this, simply use /bind q "+button6; ut_itemdrop kevlar". This may hit flood protection and fail on servers that have sv_floodprotect turned on. In this case, you will only bandage, not drop kevlar.
  • While bleeding, all movement (at least stamina-draining movement), slightly increases bleeding damage and duration. This is why high level WAVE CTF players jump around and duck like crazy to bleed to death in time to beat the respawn clock.