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For jumping, see Wall jump and Strafe-jumping.

Movement in Urban Terror is simple for beginners, but certainly more complex than it seems at first.

Types of MovementEdit

There are three basic types of movement: Walk, Run, and Sprint. Each has its own benefits.

Movements are slow, but many advanced players learn to use walking in order to sneak around without making any noise. If you run or sprint, everyone around you can hear where you are. If you walk, you will be slower, but make no sounds. Also, while you are walking your stamina will slowly regenerate.
By default, "Always Run" is turned on, so this is how most players move around. If you don't need to worry about making noise, run.
Sprinting is much faster, but consumes stamina. When your stamina runs out, you will be very slow and unable to jump to even the lowest/nearest platforms.

There is also crouch-walking. This is where you hold the crouch button (default C) and walk around. Like walking, this will not produce any sound.

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