Radio binds at their most basic are pre-set text messages that will be sent to chat in-game when triggered. They may include a voice recording, special colors, and dynamic content in the form of game variables. A radio bind may be sent to global chat, team chat, or target chat (sent only to the player under your crosshair). While all the elements of a radio bind (text, colors, variables) may be sent as a PM to a specific player, you cannot bind these messages; you have to write them out yourself each time.

Type Bind Command Script Command Behavior
Global chat messagemode say <text> Shown to everyone.
Team chat messagemode2 say_team <text> Shown only to your teammates.
Radio call No text-entry interface ut_radio <#> <#> <text> Same as team chat, but plays a voice recording as well; shown only to your teammates. See List of Radio Commands for more info.
Target chat messagemode3 tell_target <text> Shown only to the person under your crosshair (If you are a spectator following someone, the message is sent to the person you are following).
Private Message (PM) No text-entry interface tell <slot number> <text> Shown only to the person you've specified (Type /playerlist in Console to see slot numbers).

Use the "Bind Command" to open the text-entry interface. So, bind y "messagemode2" would mean "Push the y key to start typing in team chat mode."

Use the "Script Command" to bind pre-set text. So, bind F3 "ut_radio 1 1 Affirmative" would mean "Push F3 to say 'Affirmative' in team chat and play the voice recording 'Affirmative.'"

For types that have no text-entry interface, you can use the console. So, open console and type /tell 0 "Hello there!" to say "Hello there!" to the player in slot 0.

Custom Radio BindsEdit

  1. /bind F5 say_team I need a medic!

Result: This will say, "I need a medic!" in team chat when you push F5.

To enter the command and create the bind, simply open the Console and enter your bind command.

But we don't just want boring old team chat, we want to play the radio sounds as well! To do that, use ut_radio # # instead of say_team. See List of Radio Commands for all possible radio commands.

  1. /bind F5 ut_radio 3 3 I need a medic!

Result: This will say, "I need a medic!" in team chat, and play the radio sound, "I need a medic!" when you push F5.

But that's just the same old radio call that everyone can use from the radio menu. Let's customize it!

  1. /bind F5 ut_radio 3 3 ^4> ^3I need a ^1medic! ^3($health)
Custom radio bind

Result: This will say, "> I need a medic! (near death)" in team chat, and play the radio sound, "I need a medic!" when you push F5.

  • $health is a game variable that will report your current health. These work in team chat (say_team) and in radio calls (ut_radio # #). See List of Game Variables.
  • Where you see ^4, ^3, and ^1, those are all color codes. Everything after the color code will be set to that color. See List of Color Codes.

You aren't limited to just binding F5, of course. To see all the keys you can bind in Urban Terror, see List of Bindable Keys.

For all the possible characters that the chat system accepts, see ASCII Table, 7-bit. Note that you can't use the semicolon ( ; ) or quote ( " ) as these characters have special meaning in the game code. As a substitute for double-quote marks, simply type two single-quotes ( ' ).


You can easily rewrite every radio call in the radio menu with Script: Radio Bugfix.

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