This page includes script files for Urban Terror.

Copy the script and paste it into a text editor. Then save it with a .cfg extension in your Game path. To execute, type /exec <script name> in Console.
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by iynque Edit

i, J, K, and L will notify your team which direction your flag is exiting (Middle, Left, Back, and Right, respectively). Push O to toggle the controls to "Flag carrier incoming from [direction]" instead of "Flag exiting [direction]."


  1. //Flags Directional Calls
  2. //	Use i,j,k,l to call flag-out direction,
  3. //	or hit o to toggle and then i,j,k,l to call
  4. //	friendly flag carrier incoming direction.
  6. //Toggle outgoing/incoming flag calls
  7. set iy_callmode "vstr iy_callmode2"
  8. set iy_callmode1 "bind i vstr iy_outmid;	bind j vstr iy_outlef;	bind k vstr iy_outbak;	bind l vstr iy_outrit;	ut_echo ^7[^4Flag OUT set^7];	set iy_callmode vstr iy_callmode2"
  9. set iy_callmode2 "bind i vstr iy_incmid;	bind j vstr iy_inclef;	bind k vstr iy_incbak;	bind l vstr iy_incrit;	ut_echo ^7[^4Flag IN set^7];	set iy_callmode vstr iy_callmode1"
  11. //Outgoing calls
  12. set iy_outmid "ut_radio 7 8 ^7[^2^^7] ^2^^^^ ^2 ^2MIDDLE ^2^^^"
  13. set iy_outlef "ut_radio 7 6 ^7[^6<^7] ^6<<< ^6LEFT ^6<<<"
  14. set iy_outbak "ut_radio 7 9 ^7[^8v^7] ^8vvv ^8BACK ^8vvv"
  15. set iy_outrit "ut_radio 7 7 ^7[^5>^7] ^5>>> ^5RIGHT ^5>>>"
  17. //Incoming calls. Also resets to outgoing calls when used.
  18. set iy_incmid "ut_radio 7 8 ^7[^2^^7] ^3Flag carrier is incoming from ^2MIDDLE;	vstr iy_callmode1"
  19. set iy_inclef "ut_radio 7 6 ^7[^6<^7] ^3Flag carrier is incoming from ^6LEFT;	vstr iy_callmode1"
  20. set iy_incbak "ut_radio 7 9 ^7[^8v^7] ^3Flag carrier is incoming from ^8BACK;	vstr iy_callmode1"
  21. set iy_incrit "ut_radio 7 7 ^7[^5>^7] ^3Flag carrier is incoming from ^5RIGHT;	vstr iy_callmode1"
  23. //bind o to toggle modes
  24. bind o "vstr iy_callmode;play sound\misc\menu2.wav"
  26. //Initial bind i,j,k,l to outgoing calls
  27. vstr iy_callmode1
  29. //created by iynque
  30. ut_echo ^7[^4iy_flagcalls.cfg loaded^7];echo iy_flagcalls.cfg loaded