This page includes script files for Urban Terror.

Copy the script and paste it into a text editor. Then save it with a .cfg extension in your Game path. To execute, type /exec <script name> in Console.
For more information, see Installing Scripts.

See Category:Scripts & Configs for more information about scripts, scripting, and additional sample scripts.


by iynque Edit

Randomizes scripts by changing the potential outcome every time you push    Space Bar    (to jump).

This script can be modified easily, but it is already configured to work with the following scripts on UrTwiki:

Just save this script and execute it alongside one or more of those listed above to add a bit of randomness, or configure the script to scroll through variables in your own scripts.


  1. bind space "+moveup; vstr iy_randomize"
  3. set iy_randomize "vstr iy_rand01"
  5. set iy_rand01 "set iy_randomize vstr iy_rand02; set iy_hello vstr iy_hello02; set iy_part vstr iy_part02; set iy_lol vstr iy_lol02"
  6. set iy_rand02 "set iy_randomize vstr iy_rand03; set iy_hello vstr iy_hello03; set iy_part vstr iy_part03; set iy_lol vstr iy_lol03"
  7. set iy_rand03 "set iy_randomize vstr iy_rand04; set iy_hello vstr iy_hello04; set iy_part vstr iy_part04; set iy_lol vstr iy_lol04"
  8. set iy_rand04 "set iy_randomize vstr iy_rand05; set iy_hello vstr iy_hello05; set iy_part vstr iy_part05; set iy_lol vstr iy_lol05"
  9. set iy_rand05 "set iy_randomize vstr iy_rand06; set iy_hello vstr iy_hello06; set iy_part vstr iy_part06; set iy_lol vstr iy_lol06"
  10. set iy_rand06 "set iy_randomize vstr iy_rand07; set iy_hello vstr iy_hello07; set iy_part vstr iy_part07; set iy_lol vstr iy_lol07"
  11. set iy_rand07 "set iy_randomize vstr iy_rand08; set iy_hello vstr iy_hello08; set iy_part vstr iy_part08; set iy_lol vstr iy_lol08"
  12. set iy_rand08 "set iy_randomize vstr iy_rand09; set iy_hello vstr iy_hello09; set iy_part vstr iy_part09; set iy_lol vstr iy_lol09"
  13. set iy_rand09 "set iy_randomize vstr iy_rand01; set iy_hello vstr iy_hello01; set iy_part vstr iy_part01; set iy_lol vstr iy_lol01"
  15. //created by iynque
  16. ut_echo ^7[^4iy_random.cfg Loaded^7];echo iy_random.cfg loaded

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