This page includes script files for Urban Terror.

Copy the script and paste it into a text editor. Then save it with a .cfg extension in your Game path. To execute, type /exec <script name> in Console.
For more information, see Installing Scripts.

See Category:Scripts & Configs for more information about scripts, scripting, and additional sample scripts.


by iynqueEdit

F10 begins recording, sends a notification on screen, and plays a sound effect. Music plays while demo is recording (you hear it, but it's not recorded in the demo). Push F10 again to stop.


  1. //Demo toggle on/off
  2. //	Plays music while recording so you remember to STOP recording! :D
  4. set iy_demo1 "set iy_demo vstr iy_demo2; recorddemo; ut_echo ^7[^4Demo ^2RECORDING^7]; play sound/items/itemon.wav; set s_musicvolume 0.050000; music music/mainmenu.wav"
  5. set iy_demo2 "set iy_demo vstr iy_demo1; ut_echo ^7[^4Demo ^1STOPPED^7]; play sound/items/itemoff.wav; stoprecord; wait 45; s_stop; set s_musicvolume 0.000000"
  7. set iy_demo "vstr iy_demo1"
  9. bind F10 "vstr iy_demo"
  11. //created by iynque
  12. ut_echo ^7[^4iy_demotoggle.cfg loaded^7];echo iy_demotoggle.cfg loaded

by X-fact0r Edit

Push F12 to begin recording demo, notify user. Push again to stop and notify user recording has stopped.

  1. //------------------------------------
  2. // X-fact0r Demo record script
  3. //------------------------------------
  5. set demo1 "set demo vstr demo2; g_synchronousClients 1; recorddemo ; g_synchronousClients 0; cg_autoScreenshot 1; ut_echo ::[ ^4Demo ^2RECORDING ^7