This page includes script files for Urban Terror.

Copy the script and paste it into a text editor. Then save it with a .cfg extension in your Game path. To execute, type /exec <script name> in Console.
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by ObScUrE Edit

  • Press F to enable/disable SpasModus.
  • Press R for automatic Spas reloading in secondary slot
  • To cancel the full reload press Mouse1 or R again.

You have to use the SPAS as your secondary weapon. When you switch to SPAS, your reload button will change from the default function (tap to reload, or hold to keep reloading SPAS shells), into a toggle on/off. So you tap R, and reload goes into a loop to keep loading shells. Reload toggles off again when you tap R, switch to a new weapon, or drop the SPAS.

In other words, you don't have to keep a finger on reload to keep loading shells until the SPAS is full.

  1. //Spas_Auto_Reload_Script//
  3. //Reloading//
  4. set R_Spas1                       "+button5; ut_echo ^0[^7Reload^0-^2ON^0] ; set R_Spas vstr R_Spas2"
  5. set R_Spas2                       "-button5; ut_echo ^0[^7Reload^0-^1OFF^0]; set R_Spas vstr R_Spas1"
  6. set R_SpasC                       "-button5; set R_Spas vstr R_Spas1"
  7. set R_Spas                        "vstr R_Spas1"
  9. //SpasModusON/OFF//
  10. set SpasModus1                    "set Secondary vstr SecondarySpas; ut_echo ^0[^7SpasModus^0-^2ON^0] ; set SpasModus vstr SpasModus0"
  11. set SpasModus0                    "set Secondary vstr SecondaryAuto; ut_echo ^0[^7SpasModus^0-^1OFF^0]; set SpasModus vstr SpasModus1"
  12. set SpasModus                     "vstr SpasModus1"
  14. //Weapons//
  15. set Primary                       "ut_weaptoggle primary   ; vstr R_SpasC; vstr R_Default"
  16. set SecondaryAuto                 "ut_weaptoggle secondary ; vstr R_SpasC; vstr R_Default"
  17. set SecondarySpas                 "ut_weaptoggle secondary ; vstr R_SpasC; bind r vstr R_Spas"
  18. set Secondary                     "set Secondary vstr SecondaryAuto" // Default Secondary Modus
  19. set Sidearm                       "ut_weaptoggle sidearm   ; vstr R_SpasC; vstr R_Default"
  20. set KnifeBomb                     "ut_weaptoggle knife bomb; vstr R_SpasC; vstr R_Default"
  21. set HE_Nade                       "weapon 11  ;vstr R_SpasC; vstr R_Default" //HE-Nade
  22. set SM_Nade                       "weapon 13  ;vstr R_SpasC; vstr R_Default" //Smoke
  23. set weapdrop                      "vstr R_SpasC; vstr R_Default; ut_weapdrop"
  25. //Set Your Keys Here!////////////////////////////////////////////
  26. bind f                            "vstr SpasModus"             // Enable/Disable Spas Reload
  27. set R_Default                     "bind r +button5"            // Change the letter after bind <r> for reloading
  28. bind x                            "vstr weapdrop"              // weapdrop   + Cancel Spas Auto Reload
  29. bind Mouse1                       "+attack; vstr R_SpasC"      // Attacking  + Cancel Spas Auto Reload
  30. bind 1                            "vstr primary"               // primary    + Cancel Spas Auto Reload
  31. bind 2                            "vstr Secondary"             // secondary  + Cancel Spas Auto Reload
  32. bind 3                            "vstr Sidearm"               // sidearm    + Cancel Spas Auto Reload
  33. bind 4                            "vstr KnifeBomb"             // Knife+Bomb + Cancel Spas Auto Reload
  34. bind 5                            "vstr HE_Nade"               // HE-Nade    + Cancel Spas Auto Reload
  35. bind 6                            "vstr SM_Nade"               // Smoke-Nade + Cancel Spas Auto Reload
  36. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  38. vstr R_Default