This page includes script files for Urban Terror.

Copy the script and paste it into a text editor. Then save it with a .cfg extension in your Game path. To execute, type /exec <script name> in Console.
For more information, see Installing Scripts.

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by MerkyMerc Edit

Creates a key to turn volume up and another to turn volume down. Also displays a volume level meter. You must manually change the bind X lines to bind the two keys you want to use. For help, see List of Bindable Keys

  1. //~{Volume control}~
  2. bind X "vstr vol_down"
  3. bind X "vstr vol_up"
  5. set vol_0 "s_volume 0;ut_echo MAIN VOLUME /MUTED;set vol_down vstr vol_0;set vol_up vstr vol_1"
  6. set vol_1 "s_volume 0.1;ut_echo MAIN VOLUME /+/10%;set vol_down vstr vol_0;set vol_up vstr vol_2"
  7. set vol_2 "s_volume 0.2;ut_echo MAIN VOLUME /++/20%;set vol_down vstr vol_1;set vol_up vstr vol_3"
  8. set vol_3 "s_volume 0.3;ut_echo MAIN VOLUME /+++/30%;set vol_down vstr vol_2;set vol_up vstr vol_4"
  9. set vol_4 "s_volume 0.4;ut_echo MAIN VOLUME /++++/40%;set vol_down vstr vol_3;set vol_up vstr vol_5"
  10. set vol_5 "s_volume 0.5;ut_echo MAIN VOLUME /+++++/50%;set vol_down vstr vol_4;set vol_up vstr vol_6"
  11. set vol_6 "s_volume 0.6;ut_echo MAIN VOLUME /++++++/60%;set vol_down vstr vol_5;set vol_up vstr vol_7"
  12. set vol_7 "s_volume 0.7;ut_echo MAIN VOLUME /+++++++/70%;set vol_down vstr vol_6;set vol_up vstr vol_8"
  13. set vol_8 "s_volume 0.8;ut_echo MAIN VOLUME /++++++++/80%;set vol_down vstr vol_7;set vol_up vstr vol_9"
  14. set vol_9 "s_volume 0.9;ut_echo MAIN VOLUME /+++++++++/90%;set vol_down vstr vol_8;set vol_up vstr vol_10"
  15. set vol_10 "s_volume 1;ut_echo MAIN VOLUME /++++++++++/100%;set vol_down vstr vol_9;set vol_up vstr vol_10"
  17. vstr vol_10

by iynqueEdit

This is based on the script by MerkyMerc, above.

Push F3 to mute, F4 to lower volume, and F5 to raise volume. When using the mute key, it will remember what the volume level was set to when un-muting again. You can also use the raise and lower keys to un-mute again.

This is intended to be used with Apple portable/bluetooth keyboards: You can map the UrT volume controls to the same keys as your Mac's volume keys and then use Fn+mute, Fn+volume down, and Fn+volume up to control the in-game volume, and mute will remember the volume level just as the OS X volume controls do.

The script assumes a default volume of 0.5. You can change this to whatever default you like.


  1. //////////////////////////////////////////////
  2. //Volume Controls
  3. //  Use F3 to toggle mute
  4. //  Use F4 to lower volume
  5. //  Use F5 to raise volume
  7. //////////////////////////////////////////////
  8. //Key Binds
  9. bind F3             "vstr iy_soundToggle"
  10. bind F4             "vstr iy_volDown"
  11. bind F5             "vstr iy_volUp"
  13. //////////////////////////////////////////////
  14. //Default volume
  15. //  Change these to set your default volume.
  16. //  iy_currentVol should be equal to whatever s_volume is.
  17. //  iy_voldDown is one level down from there, iy_volUp is one level up.
  18. set s_volume        "0.500000"
  19. set iy_volDown      "vstr iy_vol04"
  20. set iy_currentVol   "vstr iy_vol05"
  21. set iy_volUp        "vstr iy_vol06"
  23. //////////////////////////////////////////////
  24. //Functions
  25. set iy_soundToggle  "vstr iy_soundOff"
  26. set iy_soundOff     "set iy_soundToggle vstr iy_soundOn; s_musicvolume 0.000000; s_volume 0.000000; ut_echo ^7[^4Volume ^1MUTED^7]"
  27. set iy_soundOn      "set iy_soundToggle vstr iy_soundOff; s_musicvolume 0.000000; vstr iy_currentVol"
  29. set iy_vol00 "s_volume 0.000000;    ut_echo ^7[^4Volume ^1MUTED^7];         set iy_volDown vstr iy_vol00;   set iy_currentVol vstr iy_vol00;    set iy_volUp vstr iy_vol01"
  30. set iy_vol01 "s_volume 0.100000;    ut_echo ^7[^4Volume ^6|^4|||||||||^7];  set iy_volDown vstr iy_vol00;   set iy_currentVol vstr iy_vol01;    set iy_volUp vstr iy_vol02"
  31. set iy_vol02 "s_volume 0.200000;    ut_echo ^7[^4Volume ^6||^4||||||||^7];  set iy_volDown vstr iy_vol01;   set iy_currentVol vstr iy_vol02;    set iy_volUp vstr iy_vol03"
  32. set iy_vol03 "s_volume 0.300000;    ut_echo ^7[^4Volume ^6|||^4|||||||^7];  set iy_volDown vstr iy_vol02;   set iy_currentVol vstr iy_vol03;    set iy_volUp vstr iy_vol04"
  33. set iy_vol04 "s_volume 0.400000;    ut_echo ^7[^4Volume ^6||||^4||||||^7];  set iy_volDown vstr iy_vol03;   set iy_currentVol vstr iy_vol04;    set iy_volUp vstr iy_vol05"
  34. set iy_vol05 "s_volume 0.500000;    ut_echo ^7[^4Volume ^6|||||^4|||||^7];  set iy_volDown vstr iy_vol04;   set iy_currentVol vstr iy_vol05;    set iy_volUp vstr iy_vol06"
  35. set iy_vol06 "s_volume 0.600000;    ut_echo ^7[^4Volume ^6||||||^4||||^7];  set iy_volDown vstr iy_vol05;   set iy_currentVol vstr iy_vol06;    set iy_volUp vstr iy_vol07"
  36. set iy_vol07 "s_volume 0.700000;    ut_echo ^7[^4Volume ^6|||||||^4|||^7];  set iy_volDown vstr iy_vol06;   set iy_currentVol vstr iy_vol07;    set iy_volUp vstr iy_vol08"
  37. set iy_vol08 "s_volume 0.800000;    ut_echo ^7[^4Volume ^6||||||||^4||^7];  set iy_volDown vstr iy_vol07;   set iy_currentVol vstr iy_vol08;    set iy_volUp vstr iy_vol09"
  38. set iy_vol09 "s_volume 0.900000;    ut_echo ^7[^4Volume ^6|||||||||^4|^7];  set iy_volDown vstr iy_vol08;   set iy_currentVol vstr iy_vol09;    set iy_volUp vstr iy_vol10"
  39. set iy_vol10 "s_volume 1.000000;    ut_echo ^7[^4Volume ^6||||||||||^7];    set iy_volDown vstr iy_vol09;   set iy_currentVol vstr iy_vol10;    set iy_volUp vstr iy_vol10"
  41. //created by iynque, based on volume script by MerkyMerc
  42. ut_echo ^7[^4iy_volume.cfg loaded^7];echo iy_volume.cfg loaded