This page includes script files for Urban Terror.

Copy the script and paste it into a text editor. Then save it with a .cfg extension in your Game path. To execute, type /exec <script name> in Console.
For more information, see Installing Scripts.

See Category:Scripts & Configs for more information about scripts, scripting, and additional sample scripts.


by Solitary Edit

Right mouse click will zoom in even without a scope, and reduce mouse sensitivity. A second click zooms out and increases mouse sensitivity.

  1. //fov script
  2. set zoomin "cg_fov 90; set zoomtoggle vstr zoomout; ut_zoomin; sensitivity 4.5; echo Zoomed In..." 
  3. set zoomout "cg_fov 100; set zoomtoggle vstr zoomin; ut_zoomout; sensitivity 5; echo Zoomed Out..." 
  4. set zoomtoggle "vstr zoomin" 
  5. bind mouse2 "vstr zoomtoggle"

by RYRY46d9 Edit

Default running around, 110FOV. Hold mouse2 and it turns it to 90FOV until you let go of mouse2.

  2. set do_zoom_on                    "ut_zoomin   ; vstr fov_small"
  3. set do_zoom_off                   "ut_zoomreset; vstr fov_wide"
  4. set fov_small                     "cg_fov 90   ; cg_drawCrosshair 13; cg_crosshairSize 15"
  5. set fov_wide                      "cg_fov 110  ; cg_drawCrosshair 13; cg_crosshairSize 15"
  6. bind MOUSE2                       "+vstr do_zoom_on do_zoom_off"

by v3nd3tta Edit

Push-and-hold mouse3 to zoom in, zoom out on release.

  1. set zoom_on     "ut_zoomin" 
  2. set zoom_off    "ut_zoomreset" 
  3. bind mouse3       "+vstr zoom_on zoom_off"

by iynque Edit

Right click to zoom in to first-level of zoom, right click again to zoom back out immediately. …even if your weapon doesn't have a scope, it still zooms.


  1. //===== Custom Zoom =====
  2. // Zooms in on right click, but then a second right-click will
  3. // simply zoom out. So for example, the SR-8 will zoom in once,
  4. // then zoom out, rather than zooming in to the second and third
  5. // levels.
  6. // It also adds a slight zoom to non-scoped weapons via
  7. // right-click--changes the FOV, that's all
  9. set iy_zoom    "vstr iy_zoomin"
  10. set iy_zoomin  "ut_zoomin;     cg_fov 90;  play sound/zoom.wav;    set iy_zoom vstr iy_zoomout"
  11. set iy_zoomout "ut_zoomreset;  cg_fov 110; play sound/zoom.wav;    set iy_zoom vstr iy_zoomin"
  13. bind MOUSE2    "vstr iy_zoom"
  14. //bind MOUSE1 "+attack; set zoom vstr zoomin"  //SR-8 zooms out upon firing--could be a problem, maybe :/
  16. //created by iynque
  17. ut_echo ^7[^4iy_zoom.cfg loaded^7];echo iy_zoom.cfg loaded