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Urban Terror-Specific CVARsEdit

These CVars are not a part of Quake 3, but specific to Urban Terror.

Server Name & Daily SettingsEdit

  1. set sv_hostname "" // Your server name here.
  2. set g_motd "" // Your message of the day here, it is displayed while connecting.
  3. set sv_joinmessage "" // Your join message here, it is displayed when the game is joined.

General Game SettingsEdit

  1. set sv_maxclients "12" // Max client slots available on the server, using more than 16 is not recommend. It can cause lag and most levels are not built for it (Default 12).
  2. set g_maxGameClients "0" // Max clients that can actually join the game. Other clients will be forced to spectator. (Default 0=all)
  3. set sv_privateClients "0" // Number of private slots. This number will be reserved for players who enter the right private password.
  4. set g_gametype "4" // 0=FreeForAll, 3=TeamDeathMatch, 4=Team Survivor, 5=Follow the Leader, 6=Capture and Hold, 7=Capture The Flag, 8=Bombmode. (Default 4)
  5. sets sv_dlURL "" // Sets the address for auto-downloading.

Auto-download only works on ioUrbanTerror clients. The client will try to download <sv_dlURL>/q3ut4/mapname.pk3. So if your server is running ut4_coolmap and sv_dlURL is set to '', make sure the maps is hosted at Leaving this set '' will make it use a map mirror with the most common maps on it. If you got your own hosting, please us that though, to save bandwidth.

Also note that you should NOT include http:// in the URL: anything after // is counted as a comment!


  1. set rconpassword "" // Password to control the server remotely using RCON.
  2. set sv_privatePassword "" // Password for private slots.
  3. set g_password "" // Password for the server. Nothing = public.

Limits & TimesEdit

  1. set timelimit "20" // Time in minutes before map is over, 0=never. (Default 20)
  2. set fraglimit "10" // Amount of points to be scored before map is over, 0=never. (Default 10)
  3. set capturelimit "0" // Amount of flagcaps before map is over, 0=never. (Default 0)
  4. set g_warmup "15" // Time in seconds before game starts when changed to a new map. This gives slower computers time to load before game starts. (Default 15)

Respawn (TDM,CAH, CTF)Edit

  1. set g_respawnDelay "8" // Seconds before respawn, ignored when g_waverespawns is 1. (Default 8)
  2. set g_forcerespawn "20" // Seconds before respawn is forced, even when plater did not press fire. (Default 20)
  3. set g_waverespawns "0" // Use waverespawns, meaning everybody in a team respawns at the same time. (Default 0)
  4. set g_bluewave "15" // Seconds between blue wave respawns, ignored when g_waverespawns is 0. (Default 15)
  5. set g_redwave "15" // Seconds between red wave respawns, ignored when g_waverespawns is 0. (Default 15)
  6. set g_respawnProtection "2" // Amount of seconds a spawning players is protected from damage. (Default 2)


  1. set g_deadchat "1" // Determines if alive players can see dead players message. 0=living players can not see dead players chat 1=living players see only team-messages from dead teammembers 2=living players also see normal chats from dead players. (Default 1)
  2. set g_antiwarp "1" // Enable or disable antiwarp. This option smooths the movement of warping players (warping is caused by a poor connection, for instance downloading porn during playing). The warping player will experience stutters when this is enabled. (Default 1)
  3. set g_antiwarptol "50" // Tolerance of the antiwarp. Higher = more tolerant. (Default 50)
  4. set g_gear "0" // Bitmask that decides which votes are allowed and which not. Check Gears calculator to find the correct number.
  5. set g_allowvote "536871039" // Bitmask that decides which votes are allowed and which not. Check allowVote calculator to find the correct number.
  6. set g_failedvotetime "300" // Time in seconds before someone can call another vote after another has failed. (Default 300)
  7. set g_followstrict "1" // 1=no haunting of enemies when dead. (Default 1)
  8. set sv_floodprotect "1" // 1=stops clients from spamming many chat lines. (Default 1)


  1. set g_matchmode "0" // Matchmode is for matchplay. Features timeouts and ready-commands. (Default 0)
  2. set g_timeouts "3" // Amount of timeouts that a team can have per level. (Default 3)
  3. set g_timeoutlength "240" // Length of the timeout. (Default 240)
  4. set g_pauselength "0" // Length of a pause. This can only be done by RCON. 0=indefinitely (Default 0)

Team Game SettingsEdit

  1. set g_friendlyFire "1" // 0=no friendlyfire and 1=friendlyfire on, kick after too many TK's 2=friendlyfire on, no kicks. (Default 1)
  2. set g_maxteamkills "3" // Amount of team kills before you get kicked when friendlyfire is 1. (Default 3)
  3. set g_teamkillsforgettime "300" // Amount of seconds before team kills are forgotten. (Default 300)
  4. set g_teamautojoin "0" // Force players to auto join on connect, instead of letting them spectate until they join themselves. (Default 0)
  5. set g_teamForceBalance "1" // If on, you can't join a team when it has more players then the other. (Default 1)
  6. set g_maintainTeam "1" // When switching maps, players will stay in their team. (Default 1)
  7. set g_teamnamered "" // Name for the red team, nothing = Red Dragons.
  8. set g_teamnameblue "" // Name for the red team, nothing = SWAT.
  9. set g_swaproles "0" // When map is over, play it again with the teams swapped (recommended for bomb mode). After that, change map. 0=change map immediately when map is over, no swapping of teams. (Default 0)

Game Specific SettingsEdit

  1. set g_maxrounds "0" // Number of rounds before map is over, 0=never. (Default 0)
  2. set g_RoundTime "3" // Maximum minutes a round can take. (Default 3)
  3. set g_survivorrule "0" // 0=teams don't get a point when time is up before everyone is dead. 1=team with most players left gets point. (Default 0)
  4. set g_suddendeath "1" // When map is over and both teams have same amount of points, add another round. (Default 1)
  5. set g_bombdefusetime "10" // Number of seconds it takes to defuse bomb. (Default 10)
  6. set g_bombexplodetime "40" // Number of seconds before bomb detonates after planting. (Default 40)

CTF Specific SettingsEdit

  1. set g_flagreturntime "30" // If a flag is dropped, return it after this amount of seconds. (Default 30)
  2. set g_hotpotato "2" // When both flags are taken, they will explode after this many minutes. (Default 2)

Advanced SettingsEdit

  1. set sv_strictauth "0" // 1=check for valid CD key, this means ioUrbanTerror players will not be able to join. (Default 0)
  2. set sv_pure "1" // Don't let players load modified pk3-files. (Default 1)
  3. set sv_maxRate "0" // Maximum traffic per second the server will send per client. 25000 or 0 = max. (Default 0)
  4. set sv_timeout "180" // Time in seconds before player with a interrupted connection will be kicked. (Default 180)
  5. set g_inactivity "0" // Time in seconds before a non-moving player will be kicked. (Default 0)

Master ServersEdit

  1. set sv_master1 "" // This one will be set automatically by the game-engine, so just leave it blank
  2. set sv_master2 ""
  3. set sv_master3 ""
  4. set sv_master4 ""
  5. set sv_master5 "" // Future master server.

Miscellaneous SettingsEdit

  1. set g_armbands "1" // Determines the behaviour of the armbandcolor (also shows on playerlist and minimap). 0=player's choice, set with cg_rgb 1=Based on teamcolor (red or blue) 2=assigned by server (random)
  2. set sv_maxping "0" // Max. ping a client may have when connecting to the server. (Default 0)
  3. set sv_minping "0" // Min. ping a client may have when connecting to the server. (Default 0)
  4. set g_allowchat "2" // 0=no chatting at all 1=teamchats only 2=all chats. (Default 2)
  5. set g_log "games.log" // Name of the logfile. Empty ("") means no log. Log will be in the q3ut4 folder in windows. Linux uses ~/.q3a/q3ut4. (Default games.log)
  6. set g_logsync "1" // Enables/disables direct writing to the log file instead of buffered. (Default 1)
  7. set g_loghits "0" // Log every single hit. Creates very big logs. (Default 0)
  8. set g_logroll "0" // Create new log every now and then, instead of always using the same one. (Default 0)
  9. set logfile "0" // Additional logging in separate qconsole.log file. 1=buffered, 2=synced. (Default 0)
  10. set g_cahtime "60" // Interval in seconds of awarding points for flags in Capture and Hold gamemode. (Default 60)

Map RotationEdit

  1. set g_mapcycle "mapcycle.txt" // Name of mapcycle file, located in q3ut4 directory. (Default mapcycle.txt)
  2. map ut4_casa // What map to start with. (Default ut4_casa)

Anti CheatEdit

  1. pb_sv_enable "1" // To enable PB (only works when using Quake III Arena, not ioUrbanTerror).
  2. set sv_battleye "0" // Keep this disabled, BattlEye is dead.

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