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Founded April 15, 2002 by three colleagues, Sly, Cape Verde and Black Nag, ~SG~ clan, whose name originally meant "Watching" the SNCF service that belonged to the founder trio became subsequently snipers Gaulois. This clan has sealed him the story of the game Urban Terror.

Co-administered hand masters for nearly a decade with the precious Kalish and Sly, sole founder present throughout the life of the clan, the ~SG~ have any known and held faithfully bar despite countless storms , gales, rants, favorites, joys, sorrows, diseases, departures, returns, death, happiness and misery, victories and defeats, Main Team Fun Team or Team Young Guns etc...

Two aspects are particularly distinguish the important contribution of the clan Urt: competition and code.


Provider of world-class players, ~SG~ saw Cunning Marie_jeannE Fru Pikatchu and defend the colors of the France team, Kossan those of the Swedish team or Speckknoedelsup the Austrian team. ~SG~ had its heyday in the mid-2000s with great players like Sonic, Gudul, TyoNono, Gold_saint, Juno, or Gally Root to name a few, all members of The Main Team, historic team ~SG~. This team was founded in 2002 with the clan. She won laurels by winning the 2nd place of the ladder clanbase CTF in 2006 in the heyday of Ann, by far the strongest clan in the history of the game Half finalist finalist 2006 and 2007 S3X League ~SG~ reached the final phase of the league HSO 2007 and finished 3rd in the FOOC Cup 2008. After a 2nd place in the 3rd div UZ followed by a 4th place 2nd div Clanbase cup of spring in 2010, the team was then hung rifles.


This is the clan that Kalish has created the legendary bot "Lucienne", which launched fashion bots service Urban Terror. Lucienne was both present on IRC, game servers, teamspeak, mumble, web... She offered the management of stats, matches, and bans all site content Clan. After participating in the creation of the UAA, and then launched Powerban, Kalish finally integration Frozen Sand, the development team of Urban Terror. He was followed by Raider Clatoo and r00t. Many are now in positions of responsibility.


In 2014, 12 years after its creation, the Snipers Gaulois decided to finally turn the page UT, to dissolve the association of the same name, not without forgetting to thank her for the last time 55 friends, its 1.4 million visitors its registered forum in 1900 and 71 players who have worn our colors including our latest 26 veterans who remain until the end...

The list is not exhaustive but most of all the players mentioned previously, welcome: Elysion, Seinse the Squale, Letrou, Cheffbi, Ronimo, Lepiou, World Raymonde, The Wanderer, Pruno, Carracolo, Fantomas, Littleshark, Geg, Cazau, The Doctor, Toune, Alone, Sulfurex Dule, CC, Freddy K, Dux, Dr. Strangelove, Fabogranqi, Honda, Louloutte, Landouille, Shardik, Superbibi and Tonton Bandit for the most known...

This page is here and will remain there to witness what was clan, not throwing away 12 years of life, 12 years of passion, 12 years of friendship, in short, not to forget...

Although ~SG~ has not always unanimous, ~SG~ had at least the merit of being there, to provide up to 10 game servers to the community, to create the bot Lucienne which opened the way for bots that followed, short to showcasing this awesome game...

~SG~ PowwwwAAA


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