Gear tac goggles sm
The Tactical Goggles aka Tac Goggles is a selectable equipment in Urban Terror which help you spot players and live grenades.

The Tactical Goggles display all players, friends and foes, in a bright color while darkening the surroundings. Most players say it can be difficult to distinguish between friendly players and enemies while wearing tac goggles. While it is possible to detect subtle differences between player skins while wearing tacs, it may be easier to distinguish between friend and foe using crosshair color. Move the crosshair over a target to see the color change for enemies.

The default tac color is green, but there are eight colors to choose from in the options. It's a good idea to use a color that will contrast with player skins. Most players who like to play with Tacs prefer the yellow option. The Pink and Orange settings provide good contrast, and also make the game easier on the eyes—with "pink" tacs, it's just like a constant sunset.