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Team Survivor is a game mode in Urban Terror. It is played in rounds where each team spawns (almost always together), and must eliminate all the enemies without being eliminated. The first team to have all of its members killed loses. The mode can be ruled by different server settings like g_roundtime (maximum minutes a round can take) or g_survivorrule (0=teams don't get a point when time is up before everyone is dead. 1=team with most players left gets point).

Game DescriptionEdit

In Team Survivor, each game is played in rounds and each player can only die once per round. If you die in a round, you either are a "ghost" (if g_followstrict is set to 0), which means you can see what is going on around the map, and follow every living player, or you cannot move around like a ghost and only spectate members of your own team (if g_followstrict is set to 1), but you can not do anything like shoot. If a team has no players left, the other team wins. In this mode, the frag limit rules, how many rounds a team can win in one game, or have a timer (how long the game lasts, if the frag limit has not been reached). Kill to death ratio is still a part of this game.