Third-party maps


Third-party, or custom, maps are those created by the community and are not officially included in the game.

For maps included with Urban Terror, see Standard Maps

Map repositoriesEdit

Site Description
Custom Map Makers Newly created maps and works in progress.
Worldspawn Links to search for UrT maps only; site includes many other Q3 mods.
FTP of University of Utwente FTP server
University of Utwente
NCSA National Center for Supercomputing Applications
Snipers Gaulois clan website closed
Pit Clan broken link
Urban Zone
Ballzdeep clan
UrT Jumpers by MQCD
Fallin-Angels — Urban Terror Maps Includes preview screenshots for every map. AutoDL for broken link

Installing Third Party MapsEdit

Each map available for download has the extension .pk3, .zip, or possibly Please note the file extension when you download new maps.

Files with .pk3 extensions: Download and place directly into your Game path directory.

If the file has a .zip extension: Browse the zip contents (do not unzip it just yet!), and do one of the following:

  • When opened, if you see many files within this .zip, close the file and rename the extension to .pk3, then move it to your Game path.
  • If you open the file and see a .pk3 file, extract it to your Game path.

Remember all map .pk3s will be placed in the Game path. Do NOT create a separate level sub-directory or extract files from a .pk3. This will only cause problems and the maps will not load correctly.