Because Urban Terror is technically a mod for Quake 3, you can run it on a variety of clients.

Official ClientEdit

This is the official game download, built on ioQuake3. You simply download, install, and play.

Official Client, Mirrors Edit

The official game client developed by FrozenSand. To qualify as an official mirror, the link must be offered by FrozenSand as a download source (which usually only happens if the official download site is down).

Official Client, Unofficial Mirrors Edit

The official game client developed by FrozenSand, offered for download by third-parties

Optimized Builds Edit

The official client with some added features. See links for details on which features each client offers.

Other ClientsEdit

The following are clients that should also run Urban Terror. You will have to download and install the client, then download Urban Terror and move the files into your client's game path (not recommended for beginners).

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