Update May 4, 2014
The website has been restored and auth will return Tuesday, May 6, 2014. Please log in to change your password and your auth key as soon as possible.
Update May 1, 2014
Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 1.16.09 PM now displays a splash page. Hopefully it will be fully restored soon.
Update April 30, 2014
"// Urban Terror // UrT Services Return (Slowly) over next weeks … Masters (MOVED) please reboot gameservers … DNS (MOVED) Resolution errors possible for 1 day!"
"Urban Terror Server Admins, please restart your servers! The DNS of the Master Server has changed // The website and Auth Server will be back this week."
You can effectively avoid DNS errors by opening Console and entering /set cl_master "" This should no longer be necessary, as DNS caches will have updated by now.
Update April 22, 2014
FrozenSand member Barbatos is "currently preparing 4.2.019 for a release."
April 9, 2014 is down, as is the auth system. The masters servers are up and are working. There is no way of knowing when the website and integrated auth system will be restored, though FrozenSand is working on a fix. (should be restored soon)

Download Urban Terror here (while the main website is down)
This is the officially supplied download link. Keep in mind that while other downloads may be completely innocent, they could also very well be malware put up by someone taking advantage of the fact that the official website is down. Use caution and make sure you trust the source if you choose to download from any other location.
UrT CVar Calculators
Since the site is down, the CVar calculators are gone as well. They are reposted here for convenience (and will likely be deleted when is restored).

The website was hacked, the hacker gained admin access, and thus the website (and integrated auth system) had to be shut down. It will not be restored until the security hole is found and patched. No word on whether or not the potentially compromised auth system will be restored.

For (slightly) more information, read the chat logs.

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